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Sweet Escapes Design is the brainchild of Charles Bronson and is one of the most sought after apps in the Android Market today. The game is a puzzle/adventure where the main character, aptly named Sweet Escapes
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October 2, 2022
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Sweet Escapes Design is the brainchild of Charles Bronson and is one of the most sought-after apps in the Android Market today. The game is a puzzle/adventure where the main character, aptly named Sweet Escapes, has to solve puzzles, find missing people, rescue the kidnapped children, and much more.

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Sweet Escapes Design

The storyline is one that involves a group of youngsters who are taken away from their homes by sinister men. They then have to find help and use any tools at their disposal to get out of trouble. As the game progresses, one will find that the kids will make mistakes and that they need to save themselves before time runs out.


The free version of the app has only a few graphics and a few basic features. With a paid upgrade, one can be able to enjoy the full features and interface of the app. The paid version of Sweet Escapes Design has a lot of exciting things to offer which are very helpful while playing the app.

For example, users can create custom levels to play. There are also other in-game features like coloring pages where you can make your own pictures and save them for sharing on the Internet.

iPhone Apps

This app is free from ads so it is considered one of the best free iPhone apps. With a single click of the mouse, one can start playing the escape game and get started with it. The interface is user-friendly so it doesn’t take very long to get used to it. One will learn the different objects within the app and how to use them in order to progress through the game.

The puzzles are designed in such a way that they are very challenging yet easy to beat. In case one gets stuck somewhere, there is a help option available to help one find their way out.

Flashlight Technology

Sweet Escapes Design uses Flashlight Technology to let one enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. You can see the flash and 3D effects while playing the escape games using your iPhone. The interface is pretty simple to use and once you have got used to it;

one will find it hard not to use the Flashlight Technology to light the way. One can also see the icons that indicate various functions on the screen.

Unique Escape Games

This is one of the most unique escape games which is perfect for those who love adventure and love solving puzzles. One will definitely get addicted to the game once they start playing it. The level of difficulty is adjusted automatically based on one’s skill and the number of lives which can be increased if one wants.

The game features a story revolving around a female character who becomes stranded with her boyfriend and the only way she can survive is to find out what the mystery person wants with her.

Horror Elements

Sweet Escapes Design features a mixture of both puzzle and horror elements. The storyline revolves around a girl who falls into a deep sleep in a strange house and only wakes up in a dark room with a scream and no one else around. To make matters worse she has amnesia which makes her forget everything about herself.

A mark on her skin have been found which has led her to believe that she is an impostor and is here to mislead people. One can help her retrieve her real identity and help her solve the mystery which surrounds her life.

Characters Sweet Escapes

The game starts off with one of its characters Sweet Escapes in a small house, dressed in a neat white outfit and looking quite worried. The only lead she has is a book lying before her. In this book, one can get a glimpse of her true personality which will help one understand her circumstances better. One will also get a detailed background of her life and what happened to her in the past.

Quite Challenging

The game is quite challenging and one will feel the need to go back and try again after they have failed the first time. The overall graphics and the sounds are very well done and will keep one hooked on to the game till the end. The puzzles are also very mind-stimulating and are designed in such a way that they keep one on their toes from the second level onwards.


It is recommended that one plays the first level or the ‘light’ level first since this will give you a good idea of what the rest of the levels are like. One of the best features of Sweet Escapes Design Escape is the various endings that you get after completing each level.

There is also an extra challenge to the player if they choose to play the other characters involved in the plot, which will also be another reason for you to enjoy playing this game.


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