Suspects Mystery Mansion Apk (MOD Features Latest Version)

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Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an updated take on the classic murder mystery game genre. In this game, you’re playing as a hired private detective trying to uncover the truth behind some unusual death scenes in your own home.

Like the good old days when you had a real hard time figuring out who killed your favorite actor, this version has similar puzzles to solve. The game also includes many different scenarios, from those that revolve around a small town in the Midwest to a much larger city in the Eastern U.S.

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Suspects Mystery Mansion

As one of the hired detectives working for a private investigation firm, your job is to dig up the truth behind the many baffling murders committed in your neighborhood. You have a limited number of clues you can use to help you solve each case and bring your suspect to justice.

The only problem is that you will be faced with hundreds of equally compelling suspects. The mansion itself is filled with secrets and puzzles to solve that will have players coming back to try the next stage several times over.

Mystery Mansion APK

Suspects: Mystery Mansion APK is similar to other mystery-adventure apps in that it features several different scenes to investigate, each with its own unique set of clues to use. There are also several different difficulty levels so that players can personalize their game experience. Some of the scenes are more challenging than others.

For example, there is a level designed specifically for experts who can solve the puzzle easily but are not as successful with difficult suspects. This type of scene is perfect for players who like the challenges offered by a professional detective agency but who aren’t quite skilled enough to crack the bigger cases.

Story Mode

Other players will probably be more interested in the story mode which will keep players interested throughout their play session. This is where players are put into the role of detective Jimenez after his partner,ila, disappears while investigating a mysterious murder.

Jimenez uncovers a variety of intriguing clues, solves mini-cases all over town, and chats with a wide range of suspects. The overall goal of this mode is to find the real killer behind the crime and bring him to justice, but players will get more involved when they start to interview real people for information about the case.

Detective Pursuit

The investigation mini-game is just as exciting as the detective pursuit, but this time, players are tasked to look for clues and solve mini-cases within a certain time period. There is no inventory to keep track of, but there are a few inventory items in the game that can be used to help players along.

The items include a spy camera, a digital clock, a pen, paper, and a digital camera. These items can be used in every stage of the investigation, though players can only carry so many items at one time.

Android Version

The android version of Suspects: Mystery Mansion, on the other hand, does not feature a built-in spy camera or a digital clock. However, players can use a couple of these items in a couple of different ways. The first method is to use these items to spot suspects through their unique camera movements.

The second method is to use them to listen in on conversations. The information that can be obtained from either of these methods can then be relayed to the player, who is then able to interact with the suspect to interrogate him or her.

Specific Suspect

However, players will have a hard time catching their suspects. In Mystery Mansion, there are a total of eight suspects. There are six females, two males, and one ghost. To catch suspects, players must first find all of the clues within the basement of the mansion. Once these clues are located, players can listen in on conversations or look for hints all around the map, all of which point to a specific suspect.


With all of the possible objects and locations in this game, players will find it quite tricky to find all of the secrets in Suspects: Mystery Mansion. However, if they manage to locate all of the secrets, they will be able to solve the case with the help of the detective, who will be playable in the game. The villain of the story will also be revealed in the end once all of the evidence is collected.

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