Survival: Heroes Canyon Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Gems/Money)

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Survival: Heroes Canyon Mod Apk allows you to build your own sanctuary in the galaxy and survive against all odds. There are five levels including the easy one, which is the most basic one, and then you progress up the levels as you earn more money and go on quests.

The five levels include the final one in which you have to fight off waves of enemies who are after the crystal you need to finish off the level. You also get the Survival Guide which gives a complete walkthrough of the game.

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You can play the game with single-player or multi-player. Survival: Heroes Canyon Mod Apk is free to download and it’s one of the most downloaded games on Facebook.


A Survival: Heroes Canyon Mod Apk download allows you to select from many different classes such as the Warrior, Ranger, Scout, and Technician, and then choose equipment to put your character into. In order to download and play this mod, you’ll need to be logged into Facebook with your account.

Limited number

This survival game involves using weapons and armors you find around the world to kill enemies and stay alive long enough to get to the final level. It has many elements that make it different from other survival games.

The screen of an enemy

For instance, you have a limited number of lives before you have to restart the game, but once you die you do not lose any lives until you start again. Also, you can only view the screen of an enemy you are trying to kill but you don’t hear what the enemy is saying. These elements make this game fun to play.

Gem mining

Gems are collected by players in this version of gem mining simulation. Resources are used up when you mine and sell the resources for a profit. You can build a store to gather and sell the gems you collect or build a den to stay safe from the creatures of the wild. The hero Dengan tries to build the strongest store and strongest den to survive in this survival game.

Standard version

A part of the MobaYang Sungat, the Heroes Canyon Mod Apk has a total score of 8. This makes this version a bit harder than the standard version but still very much enjoyable.

Compared to the standard version, you’ll see that the score has improved. There is no need to restart the game when something goes wrong; just log in and play over again. The changes this version makes are very obvious and easy to follow so it doesn’t require any technical knowledge at all.

Default settings

In the Heroes Canyon Mod Apk, the dengan game is given a nice makeover. The default settings were too boring and did not provide a challenge to the players.

The change made here changed the whole game experience and gave a taste of what is possible if you put some effort into the design. The new fonts and background images give it a nice graphical look and make it easier to understand the story as well.

If there’s something that was bothering me about the previous version I had played, it was the slow pace. I didn’t find any difficulty in mastering the levels but at times I wondered how the fast-paced Dengan game could be improved upon.


Fortunately, the makers of the Heroes Canyon Mod Apk solved this problem by adding another part to the level. The new part requires more effort but rewards with an improved and faster pace. It takes around 10 minutes to finish one level but it feels like an eternity because of its frantic action.


Another feature I liked in the Heroes Canyon Mod Apk was the addition of cheats. It allowed me to increase the time limit for certain achievements and also provided the code to get the hidden items. I used these to get ahead of the competition.

There’s nothing wrong in trying, however, if you plan on cheating in the future, make sure that it won’t be visible to other players. I would suggest that you try the mod using the default setting first before trying out new features and modifying the settings. This should help you tweak and improve the overall performance of the Dengan game.

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