Supernatural City Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Supernatural City, also known as Supernatural: City of Saints is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing video game (mmorpg) using the World-of Warcraft style of game play. It’s been in development since 2021, but has only recently been released. It features fully-interactive 3D backgrounds, dozens of weapons and items, and hundreds of enemy combatant characters to fight against. If you like World-of Warcraft, then you’ll love Supernatural City. Here’s a quick overview of the game and what to expect.

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Supernatural City is much like that series in every regard. The game’s overall gameplay is very much like that of Supernatural, too – in fact, much of the “choose your own adventure” style of gameplay that makes both games so enjoyable is apparent here.

The general storyline is basically the same, however; you start off in a small town, unable to buy anything due to a lack of funds, and have to start earning money by doing little jobs.

Expensive Items

As you start getting more money, you are able to purchase more expensive items to help you on your journey to becoming the most powerful paranormal warrior you can be. You get further into the Supernatural City, and fight more supernatural creatures along the way, unlocking more powerful weapons as you go.

Defeating Your Opponent

The actual storyline is what draws many people into playing this game, as is the use of a ‘choose your own adventure’ format. There is no fighting with other player characters; you simply have to jump into the battle, find a fight, and win by defeating your opponent.

Supernatural City Features

Supernatural City features an all-original score by none other than Alex Cross, known for his work on a number of different television shows. Although Alex Cross does not actually provide the music for the game, he did create the original trailer for the game, as well as helping write the narrative.

Background Sounds

In addition, the visual look and feel of the game is significantly similar to the ones he has created for television, including the eerie lighting and distinctive background sounds. Supernatural City promises to provide gamers with just as much creepy-crawly atmosphere as any of Alex Cross’s television appearances, if not more!

Battle in Supernatural City

You’ll have a variety of environments to battle in Supernatural City. The initial few stages feature the standard forest environment, but later stages will throw you into a dark and evil laboratory, an underwater city, and even a prison facility. Each environment is completely different, and each is designed to present a new puzzle match. This makes Supernatural City a great challenge for players who are looking for something a little different when it comes to their puzzle game.


For example, in the laboratory you will find objects that you can interact with, such as a vat of chemicals, an eyeball, and a hypodermic needle. However, these objects cannot be used to damage or break the stage. Instead, they must be put in the puzzle feeder nearby, and then used to trigger the correct sequence of events and solve the mystery behind the crime.


Supernatural City features a number of different puzzles that are in the vein of old-fashioned matching games, ranging from those that require matching items dropped from the sky to more involving combinations involving matching personified animals.

Full Version

Supernatural City is due for a full soft launch this spring, and is available for free on the iPhone. Supernatural City is currently in development for tablets, where it will most likely be featured on the Google Play Store as an official application. If you like what you see, you can buy the full version to try it out on your tablet of choice.

Official Version

It is not clear whether or not it will be coming to the iPhone, but that would be assuming that Apple doesn’t kill it first. If you want to play it on your phone, however, you will probably have to go through some serious searching to find the official version.

Hidden Object

If Supernatural City does prove to be as popular as fans of the television show think it will be, we could very well see a lot more hidden object games pop up in the future. Fans of hidden object games will love Supernatural City, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold really well.


The game is available now for free on the iPhone, and it’s possible that it will gain even more popularity once it’s available on tablets. If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity for a hidden object puzzle game that will keep people happy. I’m looking forward to trying out Supernatural City on my iPhone, and hope that Supernatural fans will enjoy it just as much as I have.

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