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Super Tank Blitz is a tank-busting game on mobile devices. Super Tank Blitz is an exciting game for all the tank fans. The game offers exciting challenges and powerful abilities to destroy the enemy. Super Tank Blitz is the latest tank buster app that offers a thrilling gaming experience. Super Tank Blitz can be played on mobiles which are powered with the advanced technology of the modern phones and touch screen devices. Super Tank Blitz is available as freeware or shareware.

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Super Tank Blitz

Super Tank Blitz has some exciting benefits above other similar tank games. First and foremost, the game offers realistic tank sounds and gun sounds. The sound features include shell splashing, reloading, firing, reloading, and others. The gun sounds have special effects including shell exploding, machine gun fire, and tank gun fire sound effects. You will certainly enjoy the realistic tank sounds and gun sounds in Super Tank Blitz.

Great Feature

Another great feature of Super Tank Blitz is that it gives the players the option to play the game in one on one or head to head battles with the computer. If you play in one on one battles using real tanks, you can feel like you are actually fighting actual soldiers in the war. You can use your tanks to smash the enemy’s tanks, send them flying through the air, and bring your enemy to his knees. In addition to the one on one or head to head game modes, Super Tank Blitz can also be played in versus battles with players from around the world.

Versus Battles

To play in versus battles with other players from around the globe, just go to Super Tank Blitz icon and tap on ” Multiplayer.” On the left side, there is a list of available countries. Choose the country you would like to play against, and then choose the player from the list to begin. The battle begins immediately after installation.

Download Super Tank Blitz

Download Super Tank Blitz on your android device. You will receive an installer which will allow you to install the game on your phone. Before the installation is complete, make sure that your device is not connected to a wireless connection or else it will not work. Then, connect your android phone to your computer by making sure that it has internet connection enabled. A Super Tank Blitz Mod can work with any browser; however, it will function better if you have Google Android Kit Kat installed on your device.

Super Tank Blitz features

Super Tank Blitz is a fast action game which requires you to score as much points as possible within a short period of time. As you can see from the screenshots below, Super Tank Blitz features all the basic features of an action game. You can see your character building up as you use a variety of tanks in order to earn points. The screens also indicate how many seconds you have until the timer runs out and you are declared the winner.

Different levels

The action game is divided into several different levels. The first one starts off by presenting you with just two types of tanks which are the tanks that you start with. However, as you progress through the levels, more types of tanks will be added to the action game. The Super Tank Blitz mod also includes four special maps which have a speed limit and a treasure chest at the end. These maps have a short timeframe, and they are designed in such a way that you must use all the tanks in order to complete them.


The Super Tank Blitz mod also includes a leader board where players can see who is currently the strongest tank on the server. Different levels of the game can be set so that the player must work their way up through the ranks by using different strategies. It is possible to play Super Tank Blitz using only one account. This can make it easier for you to learn the game and master all its features because you do not have to put effort into playing the different levels over again. In case you want to play a few versus games with friends, this feature will help you enjoy the game even more because you do not need to invest in accounts to play with them.

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