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Super Cats is a totally free-to-upgrade 3v3 free online cat battle game in which you play the role of cats as virtual characters battling it out with other real opponents. Using only three other human party members under your command, appear from nowhere on opposing sides of the virtual battlefield.

When you successfully make more points than your opponents at the end of each stage, you’ll become victorious. There are three modes available for playing Super Cats: Story mode, Endless mode, and Level save mode. You can also try playing against the computer-generated version of themselves. The three types of cats in Super Cats are Ice, the Wildfire, and Lionheart.

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Super Cats

Basically, Super Cats involves a cat who gets transformed into an animalistic fighting machine. You need to use only three minutes of your time in order to level up your cat and participate in battles. At the beginning of the game, you’re given three minutes to prepare your kittens and save them from three nasty cats.

Additionally, if you successfully save the kittens, you gain five points and become triumphant, thus unlocking the ability to transform the cats into the three super warriors.

Beautiful Animation

As one of the most exciting action games with beautiful animation, sound, and superior graphics, Super Cats will keep you glued to your computer screen. It’s a real-time cat fighting game in which you play against the computer-generated versions of the cats.

This game has a strong theme of friendship, family, father, and kittens. In addition to this, it features spectacular special effects, stunning music, and the voice of Elmo. Super Cats was developed by Nihility Tanghera and released in November 2021 for the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld console.

Google Play Store

This fighting game is available for free on the Google Play Store. However, it’s very difficult to download and play on high-speed servers located outside the United States. The recommended download speeds are below 1 MB per second due to security reasons.

Although there’s no such thing as a quick way to get access to Super Cats, you can take advantage of the free Google Play update by downloading the latest update. You can also try out the Android version of the game. If you’ve already downloaded the apk file, you should see a new icon on your device.

Battle Part

If you want to enjoy Super Cats on your device, you’ll need to make sure you have the Android version installed. This is where the real-time battle part comes in. In this update, you can transform your cats into powerful warriors who can take on all sorts of challenges in one on one battles. You can also get them into a battle against the computer-generated enemies using the super cats mod apk.

Game Modes

There are several different game modes in this app. You can opt to play in the verses or friendly mode. Each battle will use one of the ten randomly selected cards as the chess pieces. Using the space bar, you can switch between different game modes so you don’t get too bored playing the same scenario over again. You can also change your cat’s appearance so they look as realistic as they can get.

Generated Battles

In order to get the most out of Super Cats, you should make sure you practice the game. The randomly generated battles can be frustrating at times if you do not prepare yourself before entering them. To help you get prepared, the super cats mod apk has a mini-game that you can play during the actual battle.

The mini-games involve the matching colors and numbers on card screens to score points. While they might sound simple, you’ll find this to be a nice break after the grueling nature of the actual battle.


Overall, Super Cats Ultimate Pack gives you everything you need for a fun action game. The graphics are engaging, the action is fast paced, and the cats are as real as they get. If you have an android phone, you should check out this mod. Play Super Cats and earn unlimited in-game money!

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