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Sudoku is a well known and very popular classic game which is now available on the Internet. It’s a great game for all ages as it makes learning fun and helps develop logic, problem solving skills and of course memory. Here are some Sudoku apk download features to help you get started.

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Play Sudoku

Play Sudoku by joining a Sudoku community. You can also buy or download the Sudoku software. Play fast, simple and medium games to practice your brain. Connect with other players online and pass the time in an enjoyable way with sudoku online puzzle game! 4. Download this timeless classic number puzzle and play sudoku online for free.

Classic Sudoku

Enjoy the classic Sudoku game while having fun online at any time of day or night. Connect with other players online and pass the times in an enjoyable way. The rules of the game are the same as those of the traditional Sudoku, you need to eliminate as many cards as possible. When you are in the multiplayer mode, you will be able to see the other players as well as the board you are playing on.

Multiplayer Section

Access your email account from your android phone to access the Sudoku game. In the Multiplayer section, choose ‘Sudoku School’ to join the league. You can create your own Sudoku puzzles and compete with others in the league. The league offers different levels of difficulty, so you can start with the easy ones to advance to the more challenging puzzles.

Different Versions

You can find different versions of the classic Sudoku game for free on websites that offer Sudoku games. The classic Sudoku is a type of Sudoku app that has been specially designed to be played on your android smartphone. It is a simple puzzle game that is very addicting and very popular. You can use your finger to manipulate the numbers that appear on the screen.


There are certain features available in the free version that can be enjoyed in the premium or Pro version. You can use Sudoku Plus to experience a whole new Sudoku puzzle experience. You can use the auto-check function to highlight duplicates. You can also enjoy the leader board and the hints feature.

Some of the other features that you can enjoy in the premium version are the 6 handy hints, unlimited hints, the full leader board, the hint timer, and an award notification.

Free Version

If you are not satisfied with the auto-check and the leader board features in the free version of Sudoku you will be delighted with the 8 additional game features that you can enjoy. You will be able to choose the game you want to play, start a Sudoku puzzle, save your game, share your game with others, and download the Sudoku puzzle to your phone. You can also access the Sudoku online puzzle gallery where you can view all of the latest Sudoku games.

Premium Version

With the advanced features of the premium version you will be able to answer a few questions related to the daily Sudoku puzzle. You will have the ability to enter a number in the search field to find answers. You will be able to make notes and enter an order by selecting the option from the menu on the top of the screen. You will be able to make unlimited notes and enter an order by selecting the option from the menu on the top of the screen.

Sudoku Progress

If you do not want to check your Sudoku progress on your daily Sudoku app, you can disable the progress reporting feature. The advanced features of the premium version enable you to disable the report creating and drawing feature. You can do this by selecting the “Sudoku” icon from your app’s menu.

You can even set a time limit so you will be alerted when your progress stops being updated. You will no longer need to worry about your Sudoku progress or the answer to the daily Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Games

The free version allows you to manage two hundred and fifty Sudoku games. You can create as many puzzleboards as you have space for. If you sign up for the pro version of Sudoku you will be given unlimited space and allow up to two hundred and fifty puzzles to be managed at any one time.

You can even create a personal difficulty level so that you can compete with others. This is the same as the classic sudoku pro upgrade where you get unlimited games and the premium edition includes access to all the advanced features.


The free version allows you to play an unlimited number of game types including word and crosswords. The new features in the premium version give you access to number games, brain teasers, logic games and Sudoku logic games. The premium version has five different difficulty levels. The popular Sudoku has been one of the top paid iPhone apps for over a year and is continually ranked among the best iPhone apps.

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