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Download Stumble Guys for free, take a ride on the latest kick ass game and challenge your dudes with the ultimate knock out point machine. Stumble Guys is one of today's most sought after online game.
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Download Stumble Guys for free, take a ride on the latest kick-ass game and challenge your dudes with the ultimate knockout point machine. Stumble Guys is one of today’s most sought-after online games. This game has been downloaded by millions of users from different parts of the world. Play it online and compete with your mates or against the computer.

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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is an online game that has been developed to challenge and puzzle gamers while they enjoy their leisure time. Apart from the regular fun-packed features this online game has in store for its users, it also has several other options that are available to them when they want to test their wits.

One such option is the ability to download Stumble Guys for free. There is no catch! Stumble Guys is one of those bizarre obstacle courses which will have you testing your skills to overcome all sorts of ridiculous obstacles.

Control a Guy

Stumble Guys is a platform puzzle game where players control a guy who crashes into different challenges. The objective of each level is to run as far as possible and collect stars on every street. Once enough stars are collected, the player can proceed to the next level.

The different challenges include building towers to jump over and using various objects against other players. These towers are constructed out of a variety of blocks and once they are placed on top of another block, the game takes place.

Story Behind Stumble Guys

The story behind Stumble Guys revolves around a boy named Justin who stumbles across an island filled with treasure. He meets two girls named Ashley and they help him in his quest to conquer all the challenges. The entire game is set to various music choices and there are different songs that progress the storyline.


These songs provide some interesting elements as they help to build up the characters and progress the action gameplay as well. Some of these songs also provide a sense of style as they help to make the whole game look and sound good. There are a total of 27 levels in this action puzzle.

Challenging Platform

Stumble Guys is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It provides a simple method to generate fun while playing online. Many users have found that this is an enjoyable and challenging platform to enjoy. This casual flash game has several different levels which are designed to frustrate and entertain as well as encourage the user to use their imagination and skill to conquer each challenge.

Educational Elements

In addition to the fun elements, Stumble Guys offers some educational elements as well. The educational streams include text and video lessons that explain the different strategies used in the gameplay as well as different techniques which are being used to win.

These lessons also provide information on how certain websites operate as well as different types of code that can be used for creating custom websites. There is also information on how to download web code using various platforms such as Java, Flash, and so forth.


Stumble Guys also provides another feature which is known as Google Play. This is similar to the option offered by Apple for the App Store. Players can choose to play Stumble guys through Google play which is quite similar to the iTunes option.

As with the iTunes option, players can either purchase the game or use one of their free trials to try the game before making a decision to purchase it. Once a player makes a purchase and downloads the game, he/she will be automatically sent back to the main website.


Although it seems quite similar to other online games available on the internet, Stumble Guys provide many unique aspects. For example, it provides challenges to its players which are very hard to conquer and there are different levels available for players to play on. The features mentioned above are quite unique and most people would find it difficult to classify this as a “real game” however it is certainly unique and fun.

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