StrikeFortressBox Apk (MOD Features Free Shopping)

StrikeFortressBox is an interesting game from the creators of ChaloApps. The game differs from most of its contenders in that it has no full-sandbox in the game. During each level, you are not only allowed to shoot your enemies, but you can also make items to transform the environment around you, such as changing the landscape to get better accuracy or increasing vertical so you can jump higher.

The point of the game is to shoot enemies and earn points while doing so, as well as collecting money that helps you buy upgrades for your tank. You do not want to run out of money, since money helps you buy the items you need to further your progress through the levels.

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The game modes for StrikeFortressBox are divided into two main categories, all of which have several diverse weapons that can help you fight off waves of attackers sent all over the maps by the bosses. These include “Free for All” and “Capture the Flag” based on real-time history, although some of the content is decidedly futuristic.

The only difficulty with these two is that they are very dependent upon luck, and if you die too often or run out of ammunition, you lose the challenge, forcing you to start all over again.


While it has only six unique weapons and the story is largely non-existent, this doesn’t affect the gameplay too much. There’s quite a bit of backtracking on the maps, but otherwise, the gameplay is fairly smooth and interesting. There are several different challenges in addition to the regular gun battle, and the challenge mode gives you an extra set of diverse weapons and challenges to complete.


It’s a nice touch to allow players to go back and try previous difficulties if they weren’t able to complete an earlier challenge. This is important as it adds a great deal of replay value to the game modes and provides players with something to strive for throughout their time in-game.

Battle royale

The game modes that you’ll find within StrikeFortressBox are divided between two primary sets: Storyline and Battle royale. In the Storyline modes, you’ll fight through a series of missions, which will often put you against other advanced enemies. You can choose to fight these foes with your regular weapons or switch to an assault rifle for close encounters with heavily-armored opponents.


There are numerous different types of weapons in this mod. There’s a huge number of different guns that you can purchase from crates or that you earn while playing StrikeFortressBox, each with its own unique traits and uses. Some of these include machine guns, flamethrowers, automatic pistols, and RPGs.

You can also find a huge number of attachments for your weaponry, which can further increase their capabilities. There are over a dozen emblems to unlock, and you gain one for every successful mission you complete.

Game Modes

The Battleroyale set of game modes is split into two primary groups: Team Arena and Endless War. In the Team Arena, you fight against the computer-simulated enemies within the level. You have two lives at the beginning of each round, and if you die you lose your objective and the stage is lost.

However, if you win the battle you’re awarded unlimited lives and additional credits which allow you to buy new weapons and attachments.

Additional Credits

These additional credits make it possible to purchase items that make your overall experience all the more interesting. This style of play is best suited to players who enjoy team-oriented gameplay and who want to make StrikeFortressBox even more interesting by filling the arenas with waves of increasingly difficult enemies.


This mode in particular is great for people who enjoy having the freedom to make their StrikeFortressBox unique. Endless War on the other hand is very similar to the Team Arena mode, but the goal is to eliminate all enemy soldiers in ten rounds or less. Again, the focus in Endless War is on the survival aspect and there is only one flag which must be defending the base against waves of enemy soldiers.

It’s not enough to just protect the flag though, as the game requires you to quickly build an offensive force that will eventually wipe out the defenses and take the objective.


The sandbox mode allows you to select a wide array of different weapons, including some not featured in the main game. This feature is most useful when trying out different options without having to make any adjustments to the actual game code.

For example, the Auto ammo helps to reload weapons more quickly, the Backpack enables you to carry more weight which is helpful in varied situations, and the Flashbang helps you to make better use of the frag grenades you receive from the first few skirmishes.

In addition, the flashbang has a much shorter range than the actual flashbang, but both are extremely helpful in varied situations and can help you in overcoming the challenges in StrikeFortressBox.


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