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Stickman BattleVille is another popular Facebook game. It is like any other flash game but instead of using flash technology, it uses the Java platform for running the game. This makes the game run smoothly and without any glitches or errors.

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Stickman Battle Edition

Stickman Battle Edition has been improved with the inclusion of a new Stickman Battle Map. Stickman Battle Edition includes all the content from the Stickman Battle Pack, which is: Alex the Stickman, Backsplitter, Fat Guy, Chef, Madame Fate, Ripper Roo, Solder, and the Stump Grinder.

All these new characters can be customized according to the user’s own choice. This also gives the users a chance to experience the benefits of social networking.

Stickman Battle

Stickman Battle Edition also includes the special items, which are: The Diamond Plate, which increases the player’s rating in the competitions, the Gold Flower, which gives the player extra energy and stamina, and finally the Golden Stick, which allows the player to skip levels.

Stickman Battle XX

One of the most exciting parts of Stickman Battle XX is the use of the Facebook newsfeed. Newsfeeds in Stickman Battle XX enable you to see what is happening in the world around you. You will also be informed about the latest Stickman news, such as the birth of the newest character, Backsplitter.

In this season, the game sees the release of many new Stickman characters, including the returning Backsplitter. This new addition to the cast of Stickman Battle XX promises to add some new dimensions to this classic game.

The Stickman Battle mod

The Stickman Battle mod has a special mod version for Android devices. The mod has been designed in such a way that it integrates itself seamlessly into Android devices without the need to remove any of its existing features. For example, the Google search engine plugin is included as part of the Android package.

iPhone version

The same is true for the Google Play app, which is responsible for bringing the content of the game to your mobile device. If you want to use the mod on your smartphone, you will need to have the Android version of the Stickman Battle pack installed. The official iPhone version of Stickman Battle is not compatible with smartphones.

The Stickman Battle Grounds

The Stickman Battle Grounds is a free-to-play mod for iPhone and Android devices. You can get the special items from the shop. The first two levels of the game allow you to select a character and then choose your army from a selection of various special units, each with its own set of weapons and tactics. To buy upgrades, you must earn credits by completing missions.

Level in Stickman Battle Grounds

The third level in Stickman Battle Grounds has a boss battle against the last surviving renegade general. It’s up to your army to defeat him before he triggers a nuclear strike on London. Fortunately, you have a handful of tactical nukes available for your disposal.

There are also a few hidden chests with power-ups to increase your arsenal. Stickman Battle Grounds offers high-quality gameplay and is an enjoyable strategy game with addictive gameplay.

Massive boss

If you like your games more action-packed, you’ll love Stickman Battle Grounds. The first level has a massive boss battle where you’ll need to decide if you’re going to go for a frontal assault or make a frontal attack and then go on a long chase with lots of enemy soldiers and vehicles.

It’s pretty intense but not too difficult. After completing the third level, you’re allowed to select from an extensive list of weapons, each with its own unique attributes.

Rocket launcher

These include the mini-nuke, the battle-ax, rocket launcher, laser gun, double-barrel shotgun, chainsaw, and many more. You can’t just buy any weapons, you have to purchase them from a special armory that comes equipped with blueprints for every item in the game, and this is where the real fun stuff starts!


There are some cool features in Stickman Battle Grounds, most notably the superb 3D graphics and the sound effects. The graphics are quite good as well, but what really makes this mod so special is the fact that the whole game is created in flash.

This enables you to enjoy the entire thing in a very smooth playing experience. If you think you’d like to try Stickman Battle Grounds, you can download the mod from the Internet for free. However, you may also purchase the actual game for a few bucks from any good gaming websites that have a good reputation.

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