Stick Shadow: War Fight Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Stick Shadow: War Fight is a very exciting and addictive game for all people who love video games. If you love shooting, killing and warfare you must try Stick Shadow: War Fight. It’s available now in the App Store for free. If you get a chance why not give it a try. Enjoy!

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Stick Shadow

Stick Shadow: War Fight is a futuristic shooting/warfare game, based on the true story of an armed combat between the United States Armed Forces and the infamous Stick Man. The story revolves around a young American soldier named Tommy who stumbles upon an underground Stick Man base where he meets other strange inhabitants.

Your mission is to protect Tommy and clear the base of the strange invaders. The thrilling Stick Shadow: War Fight gameplay involves lots of shooting, fighting, and overall excitement that you will not get from other similar games.

War Fight

Stick Shadow: War Fight features an all new Stick Man enemies that are better than the stick man you’ve grown to know and love in Stick Shadow: Cold War. These alien creatures are also very advanced technologically, so they shoot faster and move faster too, making them a challenge. You can even upgrade your weapons to be more powerful and throw bigger weapons for greater destruction. Plus, you can upgrade your vehicles too! Stick Shadow: War Fight has an exciting gameplay that will keep you coming back to the game over again.


Stick Shadow: War Fight was inspired by real life events. A popular TV show called the X-Files was based on the plot of a man with almost psychic abilities preventing bullets from hurting him and stopping bullets from going through his head. So the developers took this famous television show and turned it into a popular gun game for android. They also added in some of their own unique ideas to make the Stick Man series as fun and exciting as possible. They created a whole new series of Stick Men for this awesome new android app.

Thrilling, gripping

Stick Shadow: War Fight is a thrilling, gripping, and fast action game that will keep you playing. Stick Man is not just your run of the mill space-man, he is a highly trained and extremely deadly commando, who is on a mission to save the world. He is assisted by his AI assistant, AI shadow Stick, who is a deadly expert in stealth and combat. Stick shadow is armed with a powerful bazooka which is able to take out several dangerous bad guys before getting taken out himself. He also has robotic Buggies to protect himself.

Unique blend of Stick

The unique blend of Stick shadow fighting and awesome arcade action will keep you playing. It features an amazing collection of weapons and power ups that will feel free and fluid when playing Stick Shadow: War Fight. Even the enemies will feel free and fluid when fighting Stick, as he is a tough guy to fight. He will throw boomerangs, shoot lasers, and even throw bombs at you.

Special attacks

The exciting part about Stick is that he can combine his special attacks with new moves that allow him to fight differently than other Stick fighters. His combos will feel fluid and exciting as well. You will see Stick fight alongside several different heroes from the Stick Heroes universe including Mega Man, Sheiva, and Dr. Wily. These super heroes each have their own unique moves and ability that make them feel really fun to play.


If you like adventure, fighting, and amazing graphics then Stick Shadow: War Fight is definitely for you. It’s definitely not for everybody, but if you are open to a new kind of gaming then Stick Shadow: War Fight is definitely a must-try game. It has an amazing fighting game with an amazing story line. Plus all of the extra abilities that come along with the characters are also pretty cool. Definitely a must-try video game for anyone who likes awesome in-game actions.


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