Stick Hero Fighter- Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Skill)

Stick Hero Fighter Supreme Dragon Warriors is one of the popular mods forroid, especially among the Android fans. It is a visually stunning fighting game with superb effects and smooth gameplay. The hero character fights against mythical dragons in order to save the world. There are many episodes available from the first to the last, and all episodes have their own story line. This mod gives you an ultimate fighting experience with the help of the Stick Hero Fighter Supreme Dragon Warriors mod.

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Stick Fight Mod Apk

Stunning HD visuals

It’s been designed to be an ultimate Wii game and provides you the best graphics available on the console today. It has stunning HD visuals, amazing effects, and an all new fighting mode that adds an element of excitement. You can also choose between different game modes, including arcade, versus and story mode. The story mode gives the gamer a chance to experience the conflict between the good and evil forces in the game. This fighting game offers great replay value, as you will be able to enjoy the same episodes again.

Stick Hero Fighter

Stick Hero Fighter Supreme Dragon Warriors has many fighting techniques that allow the player to have more than one life. There are also special moves and combos that can only be executed when the hero has more lives. There is a skill tree where you can improve your hero character. There are also hidden items that can be found during the course of the game. This fighting mod also provides the option of customizing the hero character according to your specifications, and giving him different weapons and armor.

Supreme Dragon Warriors

It features great details such as the dragon forms, textures and animations. It feels fluid and also has a great control scheme. The fighting engine allows for lots of movement and fighting, and includes a cinematic quality to it. The game has an impressive sound track that offers strong background sounds and strong musical components. It also uses a great camera aspect ratio that makes all images in the game appear large and intense.

Fictional warrior

Stick Hero Fighter Supreme Dragon Warriors is a fighting game where you will take on the role of a fictional warrior trying to save the earth from an army of dragons. You can choose to play as any of the 8 different characters in the game. All of them have special attributes that will affect the way you play the game. These characters include the evil wizard, warrior princess, evil dragon, white tiger, and so forth. There are also other supporting characters such as a warlord and mook who will fight alongside you.

Collecting energy

When playing Stick Hero Fighter Supreme Dragon Warriors you are required to do certain tasks like collecting energy cells, destroying objects and also surviving various attacks. The hero also has the option to increase his power by gaining experience points (EP) and use them to purchase weapons and other upgrades for the party. The game spans over 20 levels and there are also secret rooms that are not visible when you start playing. The game allows you to move on each level by selecting a button. You can also move on by restarting a previous level if you feel that you are losing your way.

Supreme Pack

The Stick Hero Fighter Supreme Dragon Warriors comes out for the Nintendo Wii as part of the Supreme Pack. This bundle includes the 8 games that come with the console. They are arcade fighting games including Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Stick Hero Figurehead, Stick Hero Trial, Stick Hero Martial Arts, Stick Hero Training, Stick Hero Surprise Attack, Stick Hero Secret Shop and Stick Hero vs Dragon. This bundle also includes a demo of the fighting game Vindictus. The bundle also includes a remote along with an Nunchuk that you can use to play the games.


There are more games available from Big Fish and they include matches that let you build a character with various options that allow you to change between different characters like Mega Man. The games allow you to save the characters that you have created and save them to your hard drive so that you can return to that character later on if you choose. Another interesting feature is that you can use the remote and Nunchuk to play against other players in a friendly match for up to four people. You can also play the online game against computer-generated characters.


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