Stealth Master Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Stealth Master is a free iPhone app that recreates stealth games in 3D. The game is very well-made, and the graphics are superb. In Stealth Master for iPhone, your goal is to be the top stealth thief on every level. If you die, re-appear or lose your items, they will be removed from your stats, so you can’t collect them.

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Stealth Master

In Stealth Master, there are many different things you can do to get through levels without being seen by the bad guys. You can hide behind bushes, crawl through vents, or use objects to hide and go faster. As you progress throughout the levels, you’ll learn new tricks which will help you remain undetected.

You can pick up weapons from a shop at the beginning of each level, but using them will damage the stealth Master assassin game. They also have limited usage, and once the time expires, they are removed from your inventory.

Grant Money

Throughout the levels, there are various objectives that will grant money, health, or items to you. Some of these objectives must be completed in order to progress to the next level. Completing all of the bloody missions in Stealth Master will unlock the “Master Of Stealth” trophy, which is needed to finish the game.

Different Setting

There are many different settings for the Stealth Master game, depending on how you would like to play it. When you enter a level, a ninja appears on your screen and begins to blend right into the background, blending right into the walls. There are many different scenarios in Stealth Master where the ninja can be anywhere in the level. The controls include a keyboard and joystick type of controls.

Popular Feature

A popular feature of the Stealth Master game mod is the utilization of a plasma cutter. This weapon can be used to cut down trespassers and enemies in stealth. There are two types of bladed weapons in Stealth Master: throwing knives and the razor-sharp sword. Using these weapons effectively will increase your stealth level quickly. Some of the other weapons are a machine gun, rocket launcher, minotaur rifle, and assault rifle.

Android Mod

With the Stealth Master Android mod, users can also purchase and arm their own customized Android devices. There are many different armors available to purchase. These armors come in both male and female forms. They include; the fatigued and hardened armor,

which provides the wearer much more protection than the regular armor found in the marketplace. There are also a couple of different armors that can be used by the user. These armors are the heavy-duty reinforced Kevlar helmet and the reinforced Kevlar cuirass.

Kill Bad Guys

The Stealth Master game involves a lot of thinking and strategic thinking skills to kill bad guys and complete your missions. The player has to plan ahead and execute their plan to perfection. Once the plan is executed to perfection, the player has to think about how they will kill the bad guys before they get to the finish line. Once the mission is over, the player has to go back to the start area to complete their mission and collect their reward.

Original Ninja Games

Each level in Stealth Master is designed with some sort of twist or idea. If you thought the original ninja games were a little boring, wait until you experience the exciting adventures of the Stealth Master android mod. You will have so much fun sneaking and killing throughout the dark future of Japan.

Original versions

If you have never played the original versions of the stealth master mod, you should go play it. There is nothing like it. The new version is so much better. For one, the level design is so much better. Even though the levels are the same, they are designed to be very different. The maps are now bigger and contain more things to see.

Security Systems

The newest version also has many security systems to protect the city from infiltration. There are several checkpoints in each level that will prevent you from being detected by the security system. This will cause many guards to fall down and give you a good chance to sneak through the security system and get to the final stage. Each level in Stealth Master has tons of content and many of it is optional, which gives the players a lot of freedom.


The stealth master mod apk latest version gives you total freedom over what moves you make when playing the game. You can run, jump, hide, or hit your enemies. If you are hiding, you can duck behind bushes and constantly cause confusion to make your enemies lose their focus. When fighting your enemies, you can use some of the more brutal moves such as throwing a snowball at them or sticking them with a stick.


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