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Stay Alive is one of the most downloaded and favorite games of all time. Stay Alive is the sequel to Zombie Massacre. The zombies in Stay Alive are more gruesome, tougher, and meaner than in Zombie Massacre. It is therefore essential for a gamer to be well prepared when playing this game as it is more challenging.

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Stay Alive APK

Stay Alive APK is an ultra-popular zombie survival game by Okoli paroles limited. This zombie-themed, time management game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has recently been invaded by a mysterious contagious virus that causes dead bodies to re-appear in a zombie-like form. You must survive in this twisted world without any basic necessities or human support resources. zombies can be cleared only using special weapons and tactics.

Sole Survivor

As the sole survivor of an advanced top-secret military research facility, you have to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic wastelands. Search the surrounding areas for vital data that will help you fight the infection and stay alive.

With a new storyline and exciting zombie attacks around every corner, the action game in Stay Alive becomes the number one download on Google play. You can also find more versions of the game on other websites that offer free downloads.

Fight off Waves

You are required to keep your stamina and endurance up to the mark as you fight off waves of zombies using your advanced survival skills and weapons. Stay Alive makes use of new technologies and advancements in technology to make the gaming experience more thrilling and entertaining. You can use special devices such as jetpacks to increase your speed and strength as well as vehicles such as choppers and mini bikes to help you stay alive longer.


Stay Alive is more of an action-packed, zombie-ravaging, adventure-filled, first-person shooter game where you have to stay alive against hordes of Zombies and the Infected. You have to find shelter for yourself where you can avoid the growing zombies with minimal damage to your health. In this downloaded game, you can learn to utilize new weapons and tactics to survive the post-apocalyptic thrill.

Story of Stay Alive

The story of Stay Alive revolves around a group of researchers who were recently separated due to an explosion at the military research center. They were attempting to develop a vaccine to prevent the outbreak of zombies when the virus was released.

The Stay Alive mod apk contains the latest content including a brand new story, new weapons, improved melee attack, improved sneaking techniques, and much more. This mod offers players an unlimited amount of levels as well as an unlimited amount of time in which to play for.

Survival and City

The game has an emphasis on Survival and City Survival skills. This means that zombies do not wipe out your entire camp or the city itself in one hit. However, players can still get quite sick and damaged in the battle and lose their weapons and other supplies.

The game also includes an array of exciting achievements and a leaderboard so you can see how you fair against others. Stay Alive has received many reviews saying that it is one of the most popular survival games on the market.

Stay Alive Mod Apk

The Stay Alive mod apk for your android phone is absolutely free. There are a variety of different versions for download on different operating systems including Windows Mobile, iPhones, Blackberrys, and other PDAs. To get the most out of it you should try the trial version which is available for a very cheap price. You should try it out now! Download the mod now and save the world from impending zombies!

Trial Version

If you’re using the trial version to test out the mod, the version included with the full version has many bugs and glitches. However, it’s highly recommended that you use the full version as it fixes all the major issues the trial version had and provides a much better gameplay experience.

The mod allows you to customize your character and even has unique clothing for each player character. The graphics and style are top-notch and truly make this game fun.

Full Version

To get the full version of the Stay Alive mod apk, you need to purchase it after downloading the mod from the Google play store. It also requires you to accept adware and spyware as a condition of using the application.

As long as you follow these requirements, you should be able to enjoy the game to the fullest as long as you want to survive. The Stay Alive Unlimited Ammo mod enables you to obtain unlimited ammo, as well as, allows you to find a way to stay alive in battle.


Although the zombie survival game is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys free zombie games, it’s best enjoyed by those who are more interested in playing a challenging game where survival of the fittest is the goal. You should consider looking into the Stay Alive Unlimited Ammo mod if you want to experience the full benefits of this download.

Aside from the gameplay, the mod also has many features that will help you to survive the post-apocalyptic world. The mod includes a unique storyline, as well as, a number of challenges and weapon upgrades to improve your odds of surviving. As long as you stay faithful to the guidelines included, you should have no problem surviving this challenging download.

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