Spacelanders: Sci-Fi Shooter Apk (MOD Features unlimited ammo)


Spacelanders is a futuristic community simulator where you can choose to be a Spaceman, a Spacemaker or a Spacewoman. When you start the game all you have to do is land your craft on a suitable destination and take off for the stars.
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October 3, 2022
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Spacelanders is a futuristic community simulator where you can choose to be a Spaceman, a Spacemaker of a Spacewoman. When you start the game all you have to do is land your craft on a suitable destination and take off for the stars.

Once you have reached space and have set up your equipment like your craft, your character’s name, and their portrait, you then select a type of environment you would like to take part in and select a mission from a list of several choices.

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These missions will help you build your reputation as a Spaceman and a Spacemaker respectively. Once you have completed a mission and you return to Earth, you may be accused of failure and your reputation will drop. However your allies will believe you and they will boost your morale, thus increasing your success rate.

Different Elements

There are many different elements of the game, each revolving around three main categories. You will find that all players have different skill levels, which means there are many different challenges to meet for every player. For instance, if a player’s combat skills are lower than their Science skills, they will find it extremely hard to get a ship to dock successfully.

Fortunately, this system is not like that of many other games where you level up your character by gaining experience points. This system is a little bit simpler. Here you simply have to complete various tasks to move up in rank.

Storyline of Spacelanders

The storyline of Spacelanders is very interesting. In an uncertain future, there is a worldwide war. Your job is to shoot down aliens who are landing on different planets. While this does sound like an interesting plot, players are often surprised at how simple the game is to play and how many options they have to complete their objectives.

Because the game is very action-packed, players can easily spend countless hours trying to improve their skills, rather than focusing on the more critical aspects of the storyline.

Weapons, Powers

Each of the players has a certain rank, which determines their weapons, powers, and other things. Different players can play in co-op mode if they so choose, which helps to balance the playing field. There are a number of different types of co-op modes, and users are often able to play with other individuals who have as well.

Types of Modes

There are two types of modes in Spacelanders. These are the Story Mode and the Endless Mode. In the Story Mode, players take on the role of a special taskmaster who must guide their crew through missions while dealing with a variety of obstacles.

The objective is to complete each mission and earn points based on their performance. When enough of these are collected, special items will be unlocked, giving players additional incentives to continue playing the game.

Mode Functions

The Endless Mode functions exactly the same way as the Story mode, but it gives players a chance to go back and try again. It is designed to test the player’s strategy skills and improve the difficulty of the levels. However, this mode does not have any kind of penalty if a player fails.

As with the Story mode, there are different kinds of endings, giving players a chance to return to some of the previous levels and see how different they have become. Some of the different levels unlock new costumes for the players, while others are merely variations of the levels found in the main campaign.

New Costumes

Finally, users can purchase and download new costumes for spacemen to wear in-game. This is a great feature that can provide a nice change of pace from all the action that takes place on the screen. Different players can even work together to complete a level or mission.

This type of cooperative play can lead to hours of fun, and users can have a lot of fun playing with friends and family members. It also adds a new layer of interaction between players, allowing them to help one another with some of the tasks in the game.


Each of these modes has a different feel to them. Some are more action-oriented than others, so it helps to understand what type of gamer one is before choosing a type of game to play. The game has many different components, so users will definitely find something to love no matter which one they choose.

It is easy to download, provides free updates, and is one of the best-designed titles on the market. Users can look forward to an exciting and engrossing sci-fi shooting experience with this one of the best titles on the market today.


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