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Chinese venture space agency Space Pioneer has received a huge funding round in advance of a crewed launch and reusable unmanned orbital flight. Space Pioneer, abbreviated as TBT, is a big project of the China Space Research Institute. Space Pioneer will be an experimental heavy lift unmanned vehicle. It will carry technology that will be used in the future for a piloted space flight. The prototype of Space Pioneer was completed in November 2021.

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Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle program has cost $asa. Development cost of Space Shuttle was about $ 7.6 billion. Now it is clear that the Chinese will use the money for space exploration and robotic research. The first flight of the prototype of Space Pioneer will be launched in 2021.

Space pioneer

Space pioneer will carry a wide variety of technologies to bring a unique experience to the Chinese people, foreign visitors as well. These technologies will be used by the astronauts who will take off to explore space. If you are a player of Space Shuttle games, playing Space Pioneer will give you an alien environment with a little bit of a twist. Space pioneers will be giving a completely new meaning to the game.

Space invaders

Space invaders will fight against their bosses and each other to win the game. The game gives players lots of objectives to complete and different paths to follow to reach the ultimate goal. There is no real threat to the space pioneers as they will be attacking enemies which are not even in the picture and only an object can destroy them. The overall objective of Space Pioneer is to make it to the landing pad and destroy enemy spacecraft and enemy aliens or the objects you destroy will be counted as one of your kills in the scoring.

Various features

Space Pioneer has various features. A twin-stick shooter is the basic game play. The control is performed using the left and right arrow keys and left mouse button. There is also the option of using the keyboard for the purpose of aiming the shot. The twin-stick shooter can be controlled using the left and right sticks or using the left and right triggers.

Destroy all lifeforms

Space invaders have to destroy all lifeforms on each planet. They have to destroy every single plant and animal they encounter and this will earn them points. Planting trees on each of the eight planets is required for the Space Pioneer to progress further. Every plant that grows produces oxygen which is crucial to sustaining the life of the alien invaders. Destroying enemy units is done by using the mouse and the keyboard, and destroying the base or planets earns you bonus points.

Game modes

There are two basic game modes in Space Pioneer: single-player and multi-player. The single-player mode is quite similar to the classic Space Invaders where you must shoot all the alien invaders as many times as you can. The only difference here is that you are not playing as an alien but a Space Pioneer pilot who must destroy all the alien spacecrafts sent towards earth. In multi-player mode, you must defend your space vessel from the attacks of the other players. You can adjust the time between waves of attacks to increase or decrease the challenge.


Space Pioneer is an interesting theme, a bit similar to the early arcade games. The twin-stick shooter gameplay keeps you busy and several levels of difficulty make this game an entertaining experience. The different alien enemies and obstacles present in the game make it a very challenging title. For those gamers who are looking for an action-packed and highly challenging Space Invaders type of game, then Space Pioneer is the game for you.

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