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Space Marshal 2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor. In the first game you could only pick up your gear, load up your armaments and move on by walking. That is only one of the differences between the Space Marshal 1 game and its sequel. When you are playing the new Space Marshal 2 mod, you will have more freedom on how you play the game. This mod also adds new features that will surely amaze you.

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Space Marshal 2 has lots of new features and the first thing that I noticed when playing Space Marshal 2 was that the game felt bigger than before. There is actually a lot of new content added to the game. The first half of the game was just as smooth as before but once you get to the part where you have to defend the capital, everything gets quite crazy. That is only one of the differences but it is definitely worth noting down.

New Missions

Space Marshal 2 is more action-packed than before. You can take on new missions, buy new armaments and do new activities. The story line in Space Marshal 2 is quite similar to its predecessor. The main mission is to protect the president from against the attack of the pirates. You will have to find out why there is a pirate attack on the area and stop it before the president gets abducted.


It would have been interesting to see what improvements were made to the first marshal game. It seems that they needed to make the graphics better so that they wouldn’t be as embarrassing as they were in the prior version. Fortunately, the new graphics are far superior to the previous one. The visual images in the game will surely thrill any fan of Space Marshal 2.

Modding Adventure

If you are unfamiliar with the first Space Marshal game, it is a great modding adventure. However, the modding scene has gone pretty quiet since the game’s release. Now, it is possible to get the Space Marshal 2 apk through direct download. So, if you love the mod and aren’t interested in downloading it, then this is an option for you. If you want to play the mod but don’t want to be required to install a mod, this is also an option.

Space Marshal 2 Mod

If you are still wondering about the Space Marshal 2 mod, here are the features that you should expect. First, you get access to all the previous levels. Second, the Space Marshal 2 mod will let you control 3 types of characters. You can have a ground soldier, a marine and a bounty hunter at your disposal. These characters can fly as fast as jets and can jump higher than high buildings.

Fight Other Players

Last but not least, the Space Marshal 2 mod will allow you to develop your own missions and fight other players. You can race against other players through the galaxy. You can also develop your own planets and build your own colonies. In fact, you can build up to 4 colonies at one time. Other players can be invited to join your galaxy if you so choose.


With these amazing features, it’s pretty obvious why the Space Marshal 2 game is getting so much attention from everyone. The fact that it is coming from Samsung and that it is available for free online makes this game even better. If you want to experience Space Marshal 2 on your Samsung Galaxy S or any other Android phone, make sure you download the game today for free from our website. It’s more fun and it’s easier than ever to play!

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