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Space Armada is a strategy-strategy Space combat simulator game that lets you command your own space armada. You are in command of over five hundred units which are armed and operational. You are searching the galaxy for battle grounds which have enemy military.

Your mission is to annihilate every hostile unit and destroy their fleet. To do that, you have to build your armada first using a robust and detailed capital ship design editor.

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Space battleship

Space Armada mod apk2.2 is a massive space battleship game. You are the head captain of your star wars fleet and you are managing him. You need to wage war against all those aliens who want to take over the galaxy and you want them gone forever. You get to engage in galaxy wide dogfights and Space Armada gives you the chance to prove that you are a worthy space captain.

Force Anniversary

Space Armada is an upgrade and content patch for the original version of Space Force Anniversary, which was a classic Space Armada game where you were playing as the evil Galactic Empire. Space Armada 2.2 adds new content and features, such as new ships, weapons, shields, armada bases, deflectors, heavy units and space pods.


The changes are substantial and not merely cosmetic, but are actually designed to make the game more challenging and enjoyable. The new content in this update makes the game more balanced, while the old capital ships are just as exciting to play as they were in the first Space Force games.

Award winning development

Space Armada apk2 has been created by the award winning development team Space PM. The Space Armada apk belongs to the same team that has created the highly acclaimed and bestselling Star Wars Battlefront and X-Men: The Official Game.

Space combat

The team responsible for developing the brilliant strategy game X-Men: The Official Game developed the highly entertaining and addictive Space Armada for the first time. The team took their love for space combat and star ships and incorporated it into an entertaining rpg strategy game with a unique mission and story line.

Never ending space

Space Armada allows you to engage in a never ending space battle in the outer space. You can fly fighter craft and destroy enemy vessels, repair damaged vessels and earn rewards in the process. Space Armada includes all the features of the original Space Force and adds a number of exciting features as well.

Cool features

The Space Armada mod apk2 is compatible with the popular online multiplayer games like Necropolis, Age of Empires, Risk – Defense and Age of War. It also has a number of cool features like the ability to see your fighters as 3D holographic figures and destroy enemy vessels with special laser and plasma weapons.

Most powerful and vulnerable

Space Armada is the ultimate strategy games mod. It gives you a rich world with a multitude of choices as you engage in combat with the enemy. As a player, you control one of the most powerful and vulnerable fleets in the game, the capital ship. Your goal is to protect your space fleet from the bad elements and earn extra credits by Trading with the other players.

Capital ships

Space Armada allows you to build three types of capital ships namely Super capital ships, Escort carriers and Support vessels. In addition, you have the option to arm your fleets with more advanced weapons like missiles, battle shields and plasma cannons and you can upgrade them as and when necessary.

Powerful assets

The game involves space combat which is quite dynamic. You have the option to send small ships and escort carriers to attack the enemy. When you are attacked by the enemy, you need to employ the most powerful assets on your side to counter strike back.

War strategy

The player’s capital ship is vulnerable and can be taken out of action during the early stages of the game only if it has sufficient shields. Thus Space Armada is a real time war strategy game in which you have to use your military might to beat back the attack of the enemy.

Featured galaxy map

Space Armada is an exciting new online strategy game that uses the innovative technology of the internet to make the game more realistic and entertaining. The interface and the user interface is clean and simple to operate. Space Armada incorporates a fully featured galaxy map so that you get to see not only the systems around your own system but those around other systems in the Milky Way Galaxy as well.


Space Armada incorporates the most advance technology from the sci-fi and gaming industries. It also provides you with an option to try the single and multiplayer versions of Space Armada through its very own standalone playing mode. If you are looking for an exciting and addictive space shooting game then you must try Space Armada.

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