Sortball Puzzle Color Match Apk (Mod Features Game Play)

Sortball is a very simple game but it is an enjoyable one as well. This game is one of the most played online games with more than 80 million users playing each day. The reason for its popularity is that it’s easy to understand and anyone can play it without any special training. It is an online game in which the player has to throw colorful balls on a particular platform in order to eliminate all the enemies.

Sortball Puzzle Color Match

Sortball is similar to other arcade-style games. It uses the game mechanics of a coin-operated laser gun. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the enemies without missing any holes on the screen. The objective also involves scoring points. The winner is the one who gets the maximum number of points.

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Various Categories

There are various categories in which the game can be sorted. These categories include racing, action, arcade, treasure hunt, and a lot more. The player has to select the right category and then start playing. The controls of the game are simple and only involve clicking on the appropriate keys on the keyboard.

Certain Limitations

In this game, there are certain limitations like there is no unlimited ammunition or lives. Also, there are certain levels that a player has to complete before they move on to the next level. It also has various levels in which the player has to make use of their bullets. They have a limited number of uses for every weapon available in the game.

Difficulty Levels

The game has three difficulty levels. There is the basic level that challenges the player to eliminate all the enemies without being hit. The intermediate level challenges the player to find out the way to destroy all the enemies without being hit. And the expert level is for those who want to test their ability and talent in using the weapons and strategies.

The game has many levels of play. This means that the game comes in different sizes. This helps the players to select the level that they are comfortable with. One can even switch between the levels easily.

The Sortball Game

The Sortball game also allows the player to change their clothing of the player. This is done by selecting a specific color from the drop-down menu. Each color has its own power. The player can use the power of red, blue, or green to make them faster, give them an advantage in close fights, and increase the distance that they move. Selecting the proper color will also affect other aspects of the game such as the throw power, defense, and agility.

Team Travels

There are two ways in which the game can be played. The first is a timed pass where the last man standing wins. The second way is a timed jump where the first person defending the goal wins. The scoring in this game is determined by the total distance that the team travels in the allotted time.

A good game must have enough variety. This is to ensure that the player never gets bored with the play. Apart from the colors, there should also be different shapes. For example, a pitcher and a slugger would have a very interesting game.


There should also be a variety of power-ups in the game. Power-ups help the player to win the game by dealing out special balls that have the attributes of destroying the opponents. They are very useful when the player’s side is winning. One such power-up is the bomb. The other ones are the spikes, which increase the speed of the player.

Multiplayer Game

Since this is a multiplayer game, it is wise to choose a service provider that is reliable. Any player can play this game using an internet browser. However, for optimum performance, it is preferable that one plays the game using a dedicated server.


If you are a beginner, the best thing to do would be to learn how to play the game before actually starting to play it. This will help you to understand how the software works and what is required to play the game. You should also become familiar with the basic strategies for winning the game.


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