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The newest version of Zombies! is out, and it is more fun than ever! I’m not sure if the game has aged well, but it sure feels like it. I have always hated the idea that there are these mindless killing machines called Snipers, and that they need to be controlled or else they will cause a lot of chaos. However, the new game, Zombies! Zombies, gives you just that very thing; Snipers are now welcome in every home because they are now good friends to people.

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Snipers Vs. Thieves

This game is now on Facebook and there is a lot of people playing it. It’s a bit different from the other Facebook games you might have played before, mainly because there is now a lot more zombies in the game. The original was just a little bit of a lot of people running around, but because of this, the game has become a little bit more action-packed. Here are some tips for playing the game:

More zombies

Snipers Vs. Thieves: Zombies! Mod: This is the first thing you should do when you start playing the game. You don’t have to do anything at all, just watch the other players kill each other.

safe spot

This is really easy! One player hides behind a rock, and the rest of the group keeps heading in the same direction. Once they finally reach a safe spot, everyone stays where they are. Then, someone hides behind a rock and another player snipes them from a long range. Everyone rushes to the area to help the injured person and they end up killing each other.


This game is very intense, as all the focus in the game is on surviving. You are provided with weapons to kill the Zombies, but once you get to the boss, the game changes a lot. The goal is still to stay alive and fight the enemy, but now you must find out where he is and go there quickly, while using your weapons wisely!


The graphics and sound are excellent! There is also a few puzzle elements, and they are quite fun. In addition, this game features professional voice acting, which adds a level of reality to the game. I especially enjoyed hearing the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Rev. Dr. Margaret Flowers.


You are required to move forward by walking, jumping, or driving. There are many obstacles you must overcome, such as pits, spikes, lava, and others. The objective is to jump and move forward as fast as you can, while shooting anything that crosses your path. When you reach the end of the level, you are given a score. The game isn’t too difficult, but it will provide you with hours of fun.

Good story

Snipers Vs. Thieves: Zombies! is definitely worth the price. If you like your casual games with great graphics and a good story, than this game is definitely for you. Play it now!

The graphics are quite nice, and the music is upbeat, bringing in the spirit of the game. You are thrust into the center of action, and you have no choice but to shoot everything that crosses your path. Well, almost everything.

First person shooter

In short, this game requires that you be quick on your feet. It’s a first person shooter, and involves gunning down enemies as they try to attack you from the shadows. Although there is a bit of strategy involved, it’s nothing compared to other more involved games.

Undead to scare

Snipers Vs. Thieves: Zombies! is definitely recommended for all ages, although it does have a few older players in its group. It’s a fun game with plenty of undead to scare the be-Jesus out of you, so keep an eye out for those zombies!


This game is available for free on the App Store. If you like the idea of being a undead killing machine for a change, then I suggest giving it a shot. The free version does not give you anything besides the ability to shoot enemies from the shadows. If you want to truly enjoy this game, buy the full version at the link below.

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