Sniper Zombies Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Sniper Zombies ( MOD, unlimited money) is an interactive realistic sniper activity shooting gallery developed on the basis of the successful zombie theme. On one level, you play as both sharpshooters and zombies. Players can select from a wide variety of available weapons.

For example, in ‘Sniper Elite’, there are several different levels. These levels include ‘Toxicity’, ‘Thornwood’, ‘icidal Rage’, and ‘Nuclear Man’. Each level contains a number of objectives for the player to complete before moving on to the next level.

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Storyline Revolves

The storyline revolves around a group of scientists who have developed new weapons, which are capable of killing zombies with precision. The military begins to realize that these weapons could be used to eliminate large groups of zombies. Military intelligence wants to fund these research projects but realizes that they need volunteers to test the Sniper Zombies.

In addition, a group of terrorists, who want to use the technology for the mass killing of human beings, also want to fund the research. Playing as one of these special forces, the player takes control of a sniper and aids them in taking out the enemies.

Adventure Hybrid

The first level in this type of action-adventure hybrid (person shooter and first-person shooter) involves a number of infected zombies who are resistant to all the weapons the players have at their disposal. However, each weapon has its own purpose and some of them may not be as effective as the others.

In this level, the player uses a machine gun to kill all the zombies. However, in subsequent levels, more powerful weapons are introduced. One example includes the ‘FlashBang’ and the ‘Plasmatic Bomb’.

Online Mod

In the offline game version of this game, the player has a choice to either: run or fight. However, in the online mode, a person can engage in both options at the same time.

This offers an endless combination of tactical decisions which will help the player complete objectives in the game as well as gain experience points, which will help boost up his or her score. Other additions include unlimited money and infinite health for the character, unlimited upgrades for the weapons, and other perks.

Zombie Shooter Offline

The Zombie Shooter offline game is a modification of the popular zombie genre video games of the past. The popularity of this particular mod has made many people interested in playing it as well. As a result, many different versions of this game have been released on different platforms, most notable being the PC mod’Zombie Massacre on Steam’.

Now, the same game can be played on the Xbox Live Arcade, the Nintendo Wii’s Gamecube, and the Sony PlayStation 2.

Gameplay Surpass

Although the objective of the game is very similar to the ones of other sniper zombies games, the difference lies mostly in the level of detail and the level of action. In fact, the action and the scope of the gameplay surpass that of any other type of zombie shooting game out there. A number of people who have tried playing Sniper Zombies found the gameplay to be quite interesting, to say the least.

Laser Technology

The story behind the game revolves around a group of scientists who are experimenting with new laser technology, using the brains of zombies to power the technology. Unfortunately, the scientists were attempting to use the army of zombies as shields against enemy attack, and instead of using the technology to protect them, the army of the undead began to shoot their own brains out with their sniper rifles.

Now, the player has a number of different tools at his or her disposal to eliminate each wave of these zombies. Each weapon has its own unique function which helps to make each weapon feel different and helps to create a unique level of gameplay.


When playing as the undead, you have the ability to enter buildings, skulls left by the friendly soldiers, and also, unlimited money so you do not need to buy crates of bullets. Although, it should be noted that the only weapons that the player has are the sniper rifles, and although they look and feel like real weapons, they actually cannot fire as accurately as they would if they had been fully operational.

This being said, the multiplayer mode is extremely fun and challenging and should be played by anyone of any age group. For more information on this fun online mod, check out its official website by clicking here.


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