Sniper Strike – Reflexive Ops Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Ammo)

Sniper Strike is a highly addictive game on Facebook. It has gained popularity in the USA and UK but is still lagging behind the rest of the world. It also has a couple of cool features that make it different from its competitors. Here is the features overview of Sniper Strike Reflexive Ops. I’ll talk about them later on.

This is a first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Hyper Ventures. It is one of the earliest game development teams to join the Facebook community. Sniper Strike is their primary game at the moment, but they have several games lined up for release in the future.

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Sniper Strike

The hero of this game, Sniper Strike, is a sharpshooter who must take out his enemies before they kill him. It can be customized to different types of rifles and attachments. There are various difficulty levels in this game as well. There are some advanced techniques and tips using the mouse that help the player improve their shooting. They can learn these techniques by watching videos posted on the Sniper Strike Facebook page.

This is one of the top games on Facebook right now. It mixes first-person shooter (FPS) with role-playing ( RPG). You earn money for every target you hit and buy new weapons. There is an option to upgrade your weapons as you progress through the game.

Different Sharpshooters

It’s one of the earliest Flash games developed for mobile devices. You play one of many different sharpshooters, each with his own gun and level progression. Each stage is composed of different missions. One of them is a sniper mission. This one involves a lot of sneaking around as the target is always behind cover. It’s one of the better stealth games for mobile devices.

African Continent

The story of the game takes place in Africa in the year 1960. You are assigned to find out why there has been a blackout on the African continent. From what you find out, you are then tasked to find out who the enemy is and if any of them have sabotaged the satellite. You are aided throughout the game by text messages and phone calls. It’s fun to read what’s going on, especially since you are playing the game from the perspective of a sharpshooter.

More Players

Some of the game’s features include a multiplayer mode that allows two or more players to team up and play together. If you would rather not play with a group, the single-player mode allows you to do just that. These multiplayer games provide a good challenge. It’s easy to tell when someone is faking when they need to cover something up because they’re moving quickly or crouched over.

Reflexive Ops

The game does have its cons. It can be a little slow at times, especially in the lower settings. Graphics can be a bit flammable and occasionally explosions can go off without warning. It can also be one of those games that can get repetitive after a while.

However, for those willing to put in the time required, Sniper Strike Reflexive Ops is worth trying out. It has some great elements including great gun action, great multiplayer support, and the ability to replay levels and see how others played if you weren’t quite as good as them.

Turtle Rock

Sniper Strike Reflexive Ops is one of the latest games to come out from the award-winning team Turtle Rock. The game takes place in a near-future world in which terrorists are always planning attacks on large government buildings and other targets.

Players take on the role of a sniper team leader. Aiming, shooting, and staying behind cover to scope out your target can often be overwhelming. Thankfully, the game provides a HUD that breaks down the action into handy bits so you can better evaluate the situation.

Top Feature

A top feature of the game comes in the form of the Sniper Elite Ezuma suit, which improves your aim with every kill. It also provides you with armor protection that can deflect some projectiles, like handguns and rocket-propelled grenades. This piece of equipment, however, isn’t for long-term use. You have to use it before it wears off.


All told, Sniper Strike Reflexive Ops is a fun game that will make both hardcore and casual gamers happy with its action-packed mechanics. It’s one big complaint might be its difficulty, which is similar to what one might experience with overwatch, but certainly more manageable.

Combined with its great visuals and great features, Sniper Strike Reflexive Ops has all the ingredients for a game that’s a joy to play. If you’re looking for an action-packed, successful first-person shooter, this one has everything you could hope for in a shooting game!


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