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For fans of Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard, Sniper Honor is a free wallpaper download for your phone. Enjoy the best 3D Strategy Game ( MOD) on Android phones. Embark on a deadly mission and save the world from Imperial invasion! Choose the Sniper Honor mod from the Android Market if you are a fan of Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard and proud of it.

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For those who don’t know Sniper Honor is a free shooting game (mod) for the popular multiplayer browser-defense road, Onslaught. Play Sniper Honor and save the world from Imperial plots. Select the Sniper Honor mod from the Google Android Market if you are a fan of Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard and proud of it.

High definition

The Sniper Honor PC game is a high-definition Mod for the best shooting and killing skills in Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard. Get the latest free wallpapers and get ready to kill before night falls! Choose from a variety of Sniper Rifles, Sniper Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Camouflage Uniforms, Sniper Gear, Sniper Swords, Laser Rifles, and much more. These wallpapers are for your phones now!

Standalone version

This is a standalone version of the award-winning Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard. You have to choose one of three classes – the sharpshooter, the marksman, or the scout. Each class has its own set of sniper rifles, pistols, and melee weapons. There are various types of scenarios to complete too.

Earn achievements by shooting down wave after wave of enemy soldiers in the endless battle using your sniper rifles and other cool gadgets.

Single-player campaign

Just like the Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard game, Sniper Honor has a single-player campaign too. The installation process is exactly like the Sniper Elite: Normandy Guard game as you need to install the appropriate mods first. The Sniper Honor mod does not need any installation since it can be installed directly on your PC.

However, if you do not have an apk or if you do not want to install Sniper Honor onto your computer, you can use the steps mentioned below to download and install it.

Character creation

In order to start the game, you will need to select one of the three classes (marksman, sharpshooter or scout). After choosing the class, you will be taken to the character creation screen. You will see the standard character templates and you can change them as per your requirements.

Automatic weapons

If you are a good marksman and have a good aim, you can use automatic weapons such as sniper rifles and machine guns to fight against enemy soldiers who do not have sufficient weapons. You will also be given some duty to go into enemy territory and eliminate enemy soldiers as well as any VIPs that were taken out by your sniper team.

3D shooting mod

After entering the game, you will have to select your character and then create your job. There are various jobs available and you can select the best 3D shooting mode according to your needs. For example, if you want to be a sharpshooter, you can select the Sharpshooter job.

Likewise, if you want to be a scout, you can select the Scout job. After selecting your character, you will have to select the type of Sniper you want to be and choose a Sniper Honor costume that best describes you.


To install the sniper honor mod on your android mobile phone, you need to download the apk file from the Sniper Honor website. Once you get the file, transfer it to your android phone using a USB cable. Once the file is successfully transferred, you will be able to enjoy the latest free shooting game on your android mobile phone. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of the Sniper Honor game today!

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