Sniper Game: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game Mod Apk (MOD Features Scope Increases)

For those people who love playing sniper games, the Sniper Game: Bullet Strike - Free Shooting Game is definitely worth checking out.
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October 1, 2022
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For those people who love playing sniper games, the Sniper Game: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game is definitely worth checking out. This game is a high tech standalone version of the hit iPhone title Sniper Game: Outbreak. It is a free shooting game which lets you infiltrate a tower, which has been completely cleared of all enemies and enemy snipers.

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Sniper Game

You have to make your way through the tower, aiming at various points, shooting down the enemy snipers as you make your way towards the goal area. The game comes with a variety of challenges and achievements, as well as the option to purchase upgrades for your game.


As with many other games that are available for free on the Android platform, the game is very simple and easy to play. You start off by selecting the character you want to play as and you will be taken to a screen where a target will be displayed. From there, you simply have to ensure that your targets are all killed and you earn points. These points can then be used to unlock various different types of upgrades for your sniper gun, the scope, the pistol and other items.

The story

The story of the game revolves around a group of teenagers who were bored one night and decided to try and kill the ‘enemy’ using a newly developed sniper rifle. Needless to say, things didn’t go so well, the ‘enemy’ killed most of the team and they were left for dead. However, surviving members of the team managed to hide and eventually reached the main camp, where they were being protected by members of the military who happened to be present. This was how Sniper Game: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game came into existence.

Bullet Strike

To play Sniper Game: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game, you only need to download this game onto your phone. Once this is done, you will then be able to use it on your Android device. The game is supported by more than 70 arcade games including popular games like Solitaire, Connect and many more. You can also listen to original songs included in the game while playing. Some versions of the game allow you to customize your own character, select the background and choose the features available.

Simulation of hunting

The reason why this game is popular among girls is that it is a simulation of hunting and a wonderful way to kill time. Girls of all ages and gender love to play this game as it has a cute story which makes them laugh. The hero, identified as sniper, is armed with a rifle that has a variety of features available. These include bullets that vary in power, a scope that allows for close up shooting, targeting from a specific distance and a number of other features that can come in handy. This is one of the few sniper games that allow you to have fun during play.

Free Shooting

The game Bullet Strike -Free Shooting Game is similar to the popular mobile shooting game, Bullet Physics. In this game you also have the option of using a gun or others although they are not actually necessary. The hero can enjoy the thrill of the hunt as he snipes prey using a machine gun. There is no time limit and if you want more of a challenge then you can increase the level of accuracy and firing speed. You can also use the machine gun to destroy buildings and shoot at enemy soldiers.

Squeeze the trigger

The controls are simple and do not take too long to master. You simply need to aim and squeeze the trigger to shoot the enemies as they approach your sniper spot. The game is exciting, stylish and very popular with children as well as adults. You can also enjoy the high score list and the other challenges available in this game as well as the many costumes that come with this version of the shooting game. It is recommended that this version be played on an iPhone or iPod Touch so that it does not cause any lag issues with the gaming experience.


If you like Sniper Elite and want some more of the same with high quality graphics and intense action, then try Bullet Strike: Free Shooting Game. It is a fantastic game that will keep you thoroughly entertained for a few hours. You can choose from several different locations to go on quests and enjoy the game.

You will not find any type of storyline in this game and are free to move around and view all the scenery you want. If you like this type of action-packed game with excellent graphics and exciting action, then Bullet Strike: Free Shooting Game is a perfect choice.

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