Small Town Murders Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Moves/Lives)

In Small Town Murders, you’ll take on murder mysteries in this addictive game. Here, put your investigative skills to the test as you investigate every crime scene, review every police tape, and even execute your first suspect. As a professional investigator, utilize a wealth of tools and time-saving options to your maximum advantage.

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Experience Murder Mysteries

Experience murder mysteries in “places you’ve never been” through a gripping story written by award-winning author Jennifer Deering. With an array of choices, this time management game is certain to bring you years of fun and will keep you coming back for more.

Small Town Murders

In Small Town Murders, you’ll go on murdering expeditions, and examine every crime scene to pick up your next move as a professional investigator. Test your skill in game 3 puzzles, and discover hidden clues throughout each episode. Complete tons of challenging levels as a professional investigator and experience tidal pursuits as a master sleuth.

You’ll solve the mystery in “places you’ve never been” as you struggle to solve the mystery of the serial murders in Small Town Murders.

Next Adventure

Your next adventure in Small Town Murders will take place in the courtroom as you take on the formidable task of defending your client in court. Select from a variety of defense lawyers as you navigate through multiple levels, from the very simple to the extremely challenging.

Execute Legal Moves

Execute legal moves that are within the law, and use time-saving tools to turn points in your legal strategy. Hone your investigative skills in “places you’ve never been” as you use in-app purchases, secret data, and in-game purchases to solve the mystery of the serial murders in Small Town Murders.

Weather Turns Cold

When the weather turns cold, and autumn sets in, you might feel that it’s time to get out and enjoy some activities with your friends. If you’d rather play detective, try the multi-player mode in the popular murder mystery Match 3 games that you can play on the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can solve the case with the help of your friends who are also included in the investigation.

The twist is that you don’t have access to a digital camera or a notebook to document your discovery, but you can still be a part of the adventure while using in-app purchases and secret information to solve the case.

Crime Novelist

Want to be a professional crime novelist? Look no further than the novel Small Town Murders by award-winning author Laura Wharton, whose novel is part of the 2021 New York Times bestseller list. Laura Wharton’s novels are known for their meticulous attention to detail, which has earned her hundreds of awards including the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.

Private Investigator

In Small Town Murders, you play the part of a professional private investigator, hired by a small town against a series of brutal murders. If you’re ready to step into the shoes of a seasoned investigator, then this is the book for you.

19th Century Montana

Set in 19th century Montana, in Small Town Murders, Laura Wharton offers a refreshing take on the small-town murder mystery. Your task is to investigate and solve the cases while weaving yourself into the colorful lives of the various characters. You will meet a wide array of colorful locals, as well as some interesting individuals from within the local law enforcement.

District Attorney

These experts include the district attorney, a photographer, a mining magnate, and a rancher, among others. Together, you’ll discover that the crime syndicate was behind most of the murders and that the victims were likely killed by a member of their own group. You’ll also discover that each murder has a connection to another, creating a complex web that is easy to connect in the final scene of each book.

Murder Investigations

In addition to your murder investigations, you’ll also be challenged to unravel the many clues and mini-games accompanying each story. The twisted game is quite popular and requires you to match a certain string of letters and pictures to come up with the correct person and place.

Wharton’s Books

For example, in the “Acey Sandwich” match-3 game you’ll need to select the word “Acey” and then the picture to match a certain person, such as “apple of our eye”. This can be quite a challenge, but if you’re an avid reader of Laura Wharton’s books, then you’ll easily be able to understand and solve these mini-games.

Bobbie Krueger Murder

Along with the books themselves, you can also purchase interactive books and games on the Internet. A good example of this are the Small Town Murders flash game and the Bobbie Krueger murder mystery game. However, if you don’t like the graphics in these downloads, then you may like the printable board game and puzzles which are available on the Amazon site.

These games allow you to play them for free until you buy the actual books. All in all, if you like playing murder mystery games where you have a big challenge to solve, then by all means consider Small Town Murders and other match-3 games such as the Bobbie Krueger and Murder Files.


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