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Slither Battle is a unique snake game, Inspired by different levels of intense competition and excitement. Enjoy sweet virtual candy, and See the marvelous sights and spectacular effects every time a new airdroid launches into the game world, Remember to avoid the damaging bombs and respond immediately to the World changing around you, if your head touches that other player, you’ll explode and it’s all over!

Amazing 3D Effects

The very first Slither Battle was developed in 2021 and has become one of the most popular online games. The simple graphics, amazing 3D effects, and fantastic sound have created a buzz among all. You can see the popularity growing by the day with every new update. Slither Battle apk comes as freeware and can be used with all the versions of Slither Battle.

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Slither Battle Free Download Apk

Snake Worm

It is set up like most other flash games. First, you choose the level you want to compete on and choose the character you would like to play as. Select the level design and then select the game mode and select the snake worm. Start the game with your snake worm and use the arrow keys to make your snake move forward. When it moves towards another snake or worm, it will collide, and either you or your opponent will get hurt.

Snake Moving

You must keep your snake moving so it can attack and try to destroy the other player’s character. There are many ways you can win the game such as making more coins, getting the most health, or reaching the highest score. Using the right strategies will help you win the Slither Battle. Here are some tips to make you more victorious.

Use potions wisely to heal your character. As the snake eats the other character, his health bar slowly recharges and replenishes every turn. If you continuously use potions on him, he will get weaker and eventually get destroyed.

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Lower Levels

Try to destroy the other player when you are at lower levels or when you don’t have many snakes on your screen. When you get higher, they will be a bit harder to deal with. Since the serpent can’t move very fast, the player that attacks him will get more damage in return. This can end the game quickly if you let the battle drag on too long.

Choose your attacks carefully. You won’t be able to change your tactics once you get the worm on your screen. However, you can use objects to distract the snake. For example, you can hit the nearby rocks to make your snake go away from your worm. This will leave your worm open to attacks from other players.

Potions and Foods

When you are first starting out, it is advised to use potions and foods that improve your stats and give you extra stamina. The first few times you face a worm, it is best to use only small tools. This way you won’t have to waste too much time healing.

When the worm becomes angry, he will charge at you. If this happens, don’t try to attack him at that moment. Let your allies attack him first. Even though your worm might charge at the first hit, this strategy usually works.

When you are first starting out in a slither battle, it can be very frustrating. You just sit there and watch as your worm eats up everything in sight. If you want to win, you need to think like a worm. When he is charging at you, change to a fighting stance.

Slither Battle Apk Download


The best way to deal with worms in a battle is to stay calm. Do not panic and send your worms into destruction. If you lose your cool in a slither, your opponent may take the advantage of this and eat all your worms.

There are many factors that can ruin your chances of winning in a slither battle. Knowing these factors will help you enjoy the game more when you play. Worms that are not dealt with properly will easily end a slither match.

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