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Sliding Shapes is probably one of the coolest arcade games ever created. It involves sliding your way through different levels by just playing on the keyboard of your personal computer.

Sliding Shapes is very popular with many casual gamers who would often visit a number of online portals in order to play this exciting game. These games have also become quite popular with video game enthusiasts who play their favorite video games on their personal computers.

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Sliding Shapes

One of the major features that Sliding Shapes has that differs from other similar arcade games is its multi joystick control. Multi joystick control allows you to move and change various aspects of Sliding Shapes through several physical and logical controls.

There are basically four different physical controls in Sliding Shapes; these include left stick, right stick, down stick and up stick. By using the left stick you can zoom through the background or view the level you are currently on. Meanwhile, the right stick can be used to change the camera view.

Feature of Sliding Shapes

The second feature of Sliding Shapes that makes it different from similar games is the usage of power-ups. There are a total of six power-ups that you can use in Sliding Shapes. These power-ups can help you at different levels of the game.

For instance, one of these power-ups can be used to increase your traction power, the second can be used to slow down your momentum so that you would need to learn how to control your character better and the last one can be used to increase your speed. By using these power-ups you can easily make your gaming experience more fun and entertaining.

The Controls

Sliding Shapes has an overall score average of 70. This is pretty good for a game that is new. The controls take time to master, but once you get the hang of them you will find this game quite addictive.

You will also find that playing Sliding Shapes will improve the motor skills of your children since they will need to learn how to control their characters properly to make them slide instead of falling. This is another reason why this game is very good for those who have children at home.

Difficult Tricks

In the first few levels of the game, there are many power-ups available to you and some of them will be very helpful to you. When you reach the fourth level you will be able to choose from power-ups that will allow you to slide through hoops. This means that you will need to learn one move per level instead of two.

Once you have mastered the basic moves you can move on to the next level and begin to challenge yourself with harder ones. As you progress through the game you will find that you move faster and perform more difficult tricks that will give you better performance during play.

Many Levels

There are many levels in the game. The first one you will face will be the very first one you do in the game. This will be the hardest one because you will not really know what you are doing. The second level will introduce you to the various shapes which will all come at you at different times. The third level will let you choose from a selection of power-ups that will help you in beating the other shapes.

Fifth Levels

The fourth and fifth levels will let you play against the computer. This will be slightly more challenging since you won’t be sure of what moves you should make. The sixth level will introduce you to power-ups that will help you move the different shapes like balls of yarn. The last level lets you play against the three S’s – speed, time, and space. This gives you a very nice time since you get to test your own strategies against the computer.


Sliding Shapes is one educational game that every child that loves to learn should try. It is easy to understand, doesn’t require too much thinking but is stimulating enough to keep your child engaged. The game will also keep your little minds stimulated as they use their brainpower to figure out where the shapes are on the screen. In this way, it will provide you with something to look forward to during your lunch hour.

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