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If you’re looking for an easy shooting game, try Slaughter 3: The Rebels for PC. This is the newest part of the successful slaughterer game franchise, and has achieved fantastic popularity worldwide. Continuing on from the excellent ‘Resident Evil Extinction’ game, this time round the gamer gets to take on the role of a terrorist. In fact, this is the third part of this long-running franchise.

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Gun battle

In the second part of the franchise, gamers get to experience the gun battle between the good terrorists and the evil terrorists. But this time, the good guys have received some unwelcome visitors. As a result, they launch an attack on the prison where the terrorists were imprisoned. The bad guys use trucks and buses to transport their terrorists into the prison, and the location is set to be attacked by the protagonist’s group.

Sniper rifles

The player has the support of sniper rifles, RPGs and machine guns to fight the invading force, and also have the support of comrades to assist him in his mission. Players can choose to either save the prisoners and continue the shooting or get out and find a safe place to survive.

security forces

The main objective of the game is to save all the prisoners, which include the terrorists and other security forces fighting against the menace. However, there are certain restrictions placed by the game over the weapons used, and one has to think carefully before using any of these weapons.

Automatic weapons

Weapons such as explosives, RPGs and automatic weapons can be used when appropriate, but some other weapons are prohibited and will result in a player being barred from using them. An example of these weapons is the M-azine, although it may not be a true automatic weapon. However, one has a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the weapons to use for the slaughterer.

Military guards

There are two types of enemies in the game: the military guards and the terrorists. The military guards consist of about 25 guards who include officers, soldiers and gunners who all attempt to arrest the rebels. The player has to rescue the prisoners by either going behind the prison walls or killing the guards at a safe place.

Fighting with the rebels,

There is also a mission for the player to destroy the remaining terrorists and get to the prison itself. When fighting with the rebels, it is essential that one uses the bayonets and shoot continuously at the terrorists instead of getting killed. It is possible to increase the fighting ability of one character by equipping him or her with more weapons and armor.

Buy weapons

The most important part of any military action is to find a good weapon. Players have to buy weapons for both offensive and defensive purposes and they can purchase them from the prison armory. A variety of attachments can be attached to different weapons such as scopes, laser pointers and paintball guns. The player can earn points by using all the weapons and armor available in the mod unlimited money mod and this helps them to purchase more advanced weapons.

President Alexander Sandoval

The rebels in the game can fight against the regime of President Alexander Sandoval during the events of Slaughter 3: The Rebels as well as against the IRA in the events of Fall of Rome. The players can increase their abilities by equipping themselves with better weapons and armor. The android apk mod allows the users to access the database of weapons which includes a detailed list of each weapon’s capabilities including the ammunition used for each weapon.

Specific weapon

The most common enemy of the regime in the events of Slaughter 3: The Rebels is the prison. The resistance in this game includes groups of cells who are defending the prison against the terrorists. The players have to send the best units to attack these cells and eliminate them. Each soldier has a specific weapon that can be used by that character and these weapons can be changed through the use of the Android apk.


The player can also buy a helicopter that will be useful for ground operations. A variety of weapons and a variety of vehicles are available for the player to use during the events of Slaughter 3: The Rebels as well as the prison scenario. This gives the players a wide array of options for playing a combat mission. They can choose a specific type of game for which they are good. The events of this shooter are very exciting as they include both shooting and maneuvering within a complex environment.

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