Sky Roller Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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The Sky Roller APK is undoubtedly the most popular version on the web today. It has been downloaded over 20 million times already and has probably over 3 million active daily users worldwide.

The sky is a social networking site for mobile devices and this means that this app is used to share video, music, and photos. It lets people instantly show off their best Sky photos and videos and even shares its own photo gallery with other Sky users.

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Endless Mode

The Sky Roller Mod Apk has a few modes: Story mode which is quite simple; Endless mode which gives you endless chances to play with your settings and graphics; Graphics tab which offers 2D graphics; and Sound tab offers various sounds such as drop-down menus, fullscreen, and also Sky tones.

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The Sky Roller uses Flash as its technology for displaying images and video. This is why the audio tab is optional as it only requires an internet connection and an active browser to work properly. There are no pop-up advertisements and the browsing experience is not interrupted, unlike most other apps.

Sky Roller Mod Apk utilizes fairly simple yet addictive gameplay. Basically, you can utilize four different boosters that propel you forward through various hurdles while overcoming obstacles along the way. The main goal of the game is to collect the number of stars and earn a high score while avoiding crashing into the bottom of the pit.

Move Objects

In order to complete a level, you must move objects or use items that have been placed on the screen. The challenges get progressively harder as you advance to the next level and the challenge is to overcome obstacles ahead of you.

The mod features include various obstacles such as walls, hoops, ladders, and bridges as well as an overall track layout. The main objective is to reach the end goal by moving through many obstacles. Sky Roller has many hidden features such as power-ups that can help in your mission to complete each level.

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You can also find secrets and other tips while playing Sky Roller on the internet. There are many Sky Roller Mod Apk skins available for purchase as well.

All-Star Low Top

The in-game Sky Roller allows players to select from a variety of shoes. These include the popular Reebok Pinnacle, Nike Dunk SB, as well as the Converse All-Star Low Top.

Each shoe has different attributes such as power-up features, increased vertical jump, and more. Along with the shoes, there are many other collectibles that can be collected along with the levels including the elusive Sky Wheel, the Nike Blazer, the Converse All-Star Pants, as well as the Reebok Pump Omni Wheel.

Sky Roller emulates real skateboarding tricks in an innovative and entertaining way. It presents the thrill of high-speed skating as if you were actually participating in the sport. It uses a simple yet innovative gameplay system where you guide your Sky Roller Mod Apk through skate parks filled with obstacles.

Sky Wheels

The game offers many exciting challenges as you use your individual Sky Wheels to barrel through hoops, hop on rails, zip around holes, and do other stunts your Sky Roller can’t handle. Sky Roller features an impressive amount of content, including eight unique courses, five multiplayer modes, two hidden power-ups, a leaderboard, and five achievements.

On top of all this, players need to master the advanced cheat mode to fully enjoy the full potential of Sky Roller. In this mode, players need to learn the advanced techniques of skating by utilizing the left and right mouse buttons together. Players also need to use the space bar correctly to trigger the different effects in-game.

Sky Roller Apk

They can use the keyboard to trigger other functions, but they will need to tap the space bar again to be able to do so. This is great practice for the hardcore Sky Roller Mod Apk players who want to take their skates to the next level.


Sky Roller is one of the best and most challenging games available for toddlers and preschoolers today. Its unique and cute characters keep children engaged throughout the entire game.

Its exciting roller coaster action is guaranteed to provide parents and kids with hours of fun. You can find more information on the official website at Doodle Karting. You can also check out its site for a number of videos, screenshots, and more.

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