SketchAR Create Art Apk [September-2022] (Mod Features Premium Unlocked)

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SketchAR Create Art Apk is an app that helps you learn to draw at any skill level by using augmented reality to project images using a Pixel smartphone and your living room wall. The next great art tool for Android devices and the super neat tech it uses is AR (Augmented Reality) to put a reference image or drawing straight onto your canvas to help you recreate it.

How It Works

Ever looked at a painting of Leonardo Da Vinci and wondered how he managed to create such a masterpiece? SketchAR Create Art Apk is an augmented reality app that lets it get through the basics of basic drawing. The continuous line style explanation is designed for beginners. SketchAR Create Art Apk will teach you how to draw effectively.

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  • Print the marker provided here and put it on the wall or on your desk.
  • Follow the instruction to calibrate the app by pointing at the marker with your phone camera.
  • Select what you want to draw from our database of images or upload one from your photo gallery.
  • Start drawing!

SketchAR Create Art Apk is the best Art & Design App, and you should give it a try. And you will love it. SketchAR Create Art Apk Apk, which was designed by SketchAR Team Inc., attracts users who are focused on the following categories: Education & Reference. Therefore, if you like those categories, this application is for you!

How To Install

SketchAR is the first app that lets you draw on paper while looking at your smartphone or tablet. The camera of the device will recognize a special target (printed or drawn) on paper and will show a sketch with the necessary proportions on it. You can turn off the picture, see the original and compare them. This way you will be able to understand how to draw correctly.

  1. Install and Open The App.
  2. Select Your Language & Click On Next Button
  3. Choose Your Favorite Image From The App Gallery And Click On Download Button To Download It.
  4. After Downloading, Click On Start Button And Place the Paper Correctly In Front Of Camera Of Your Device.
  5. Now SketchAR Will Guide You With Some Lines According To Selected Image So That You Can Draw Easily.

SketchAR Create Art Apk Features

Digital sketching with your finger or stylus on any surface; Drawing lessons from beginner to advanced level. More than 200 tutorials from the leading artists in the world; AR/VR VR mode for 3D drawing. Move around your drawing and painting in 3D space; Share your artworks on social media and participate in our contests.

  1. Import images from the Internet or use your photos;
  2. Choose between two sets of AR markers – ARkit-markers and ARCore-markers (depending on your device);
  3. Set the scale of the projected picture;
  4. Draw over the projection.


The app works by projecting images onto a piece of paper and tracing them using your finger on the screen. The app can work with a variety of styluses, but it doesn’t need one at all. This makes the app useful for any kind of drawing, whether you’re using digital tools or traditional ones.

The augmented reality aspect of SketchAR makes it incredibly useful for teaching drawing. It projects simple line art onto your paper, which helps teach you the basics of form and perspective in drawing. SketchAR also includes some basic tutorials on how to use the program and how to draw various objects.


How does it work?

SketchAR uses augmented reality technology to overlay a digital sketch onto a physical surface in real-time. All you need to do is place a piece of paper on any surface, open the SketchAR app and it will load the sketch. Then simply start drawing!

Where do I get my sketches from?

SketchAR contains over 200 ready-made sketches for practice, but you can also upload them from your camera roll or from Instagram using hashtags like.

Why does Chrome say “Downloading this file may be dangerous”?

The reason is unknown, but it might be due to some security settings of your browser. See the following screenshot:

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