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Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects is one of those games that have managed to remain faithful to the spirit of Sherlock Holmes while still offering enough pure entertainment value to keep its many fans happy
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October 3, 2022
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Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects is one of those games that have managed to remain faithful to the spirit of Sherlock Holmes while still offering enough pure entertainment value to keep its many fans happy. Ever since its release, there’s been a steady stream of improvements to the game.

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Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects Apk

You’ll find that the scenes with John Watson have been retouched to look more natural and believable, with better facial expressions and body language. These improvements aren’t just cosmetic but have actually created a more natural feel to the characters and gameplay. It’s a noticeable effect, but one that you will appreciate when playing Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects.

Sherlock Mystery

Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects is the first official Sherlock game on mobile devices. This version features the award-winning “Mystery Files” section from the hit TV show Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Crown. In this new game, players are put in control of both Sherlock Holmes and Sir Charles de Smet.

Together, they must solve the seemingly impossible ” Crimes of Sherlock Holmes” and “The Great Detectives” to be placed on the top list of the game. Players can access this content either through the free internet version or non-networked game device.

Hidden Objects

Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects takes the basic principles of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures and gives them an altogether different twist. Players are to navigate their surroundings, solve puzzles and investigate scene after scene to solve the mystery.

The story is told through the point-and-click gameplay of the game where your objective is always clear – find the real killer. It is, however, up to you to decide whether you like solving the puzzle or simply moving on.

Other Puzzle Games

Unlike other puzzle games, where you clear puzzles by clicking on them and progressing to the next level, Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects allows you to manipulate a puzzle panel by dragging and dropping objects. When in a room, you can rotate any object by clicking on it, and you can also flip it by pressing a button.

Special Space

However, when you want to change the order of a few objects in a panel, you will need to shift the cursor to the required position and then shift it again. There is also a special space key that plays a key role in rearranging and changing the layout of the panels. Using the space bar while the cursor is over an object will temporarily stop moving and allow you to see the underlying arrangement of the puzzle.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: Houdini’s Law is a classic game that involves a game board full of miscellaneous items like coins and knives. You’ll use these items in various ways, like snatching coins out of a slot machine or breaking open a security seal on a safe. When enough items are placed on the board, a Holmesian solves the problem by deducing that the culprit is hiding something in the victim’s pockets.

Sherlock Holmes Solitaire

Sherlock Holmes Solitaire is a classic deduction game where a player has to find all the missing pieces of a secret picture puzzle. This game is different from other hidden object games because there is no time limit.

The player needs to find the item, mark it on their game board by placing its picture on the right corner, and then place its corresponding square beneath the item they have found. Missing items are usually in the upper left corner of your game board.

Sherlock Holmes Agate

Sherlock Holmes Agate solved a crime using her magical knowledge and expertise in the deduction. This game board features hidden rooms where Sherlock Holmes can enter and view mysterious situations that will solve the mystery.

Agate is portrayed as a character from Sherlock Holmes stories and the game includes pictures of Sherlock Holmes making deductions. Other animated characters added to the game include Dr. Watson, Inspector Sloane, and Mrs. Watson.


Sherlock Holmes Solitaire contains many levels that you can progress through. Some of them require more logic than others and some require more hidden object scenes. In the later levels, you will unlock additional items and other bonuses. The game has no specific time limit.

However, if you enter a room that requires a Sherlock Holmes guess, your Guess Matches the picture on the hidden object board. If your guess is correct your game is over and you have won.


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