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Shadows of Kurgansk is an online adventure game based on the story of the novel “Shadows of Kurgansk”. In this game, you have to save a town named Kurgansk from zombies. It is set in early year 1920 and the author has portrayed it as a kind of a coming of age story where there is a boy who rises from the masses while battling zombies.

This boy named Paulus travels through different time periods and lands in Kurgansk where he finally encounters the undead. He then joins forces with other survivors and fight off the undead in the final battle.

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Overview: The synopsis of Shadows of Kurgansk tells about an ordinary man who is thrown into an authentic-looking real life situation. It is a survivor caught in an authentic-looking zombie plague that is spreading throughout theocalyptic world.


It is in this stand-alone game where players take on the part of a group of survivors as they are forced to fight against the mutated creatures who seem to be growing in numbers. You have to discover your own way from this dangerous location to reach the safe zone.


This zombie-slaying adventure game revolves around a group of unlikely heroes. They have each displayed unique characteristics and special skills in order to survive the infected town. Throughout the game, these heroes learn how to fight zombies and become powerful zombies as well.

The core objective of the game is to help these survivors fight off the hordes of zombies as they try their best to kill them so they can continue on their journey to reach their destination and find a way home.

Dark wilderness

You have to help the remaining players as they fight through the dark wilderness. This is the time when you will have to utilize building resources and structures in order to build asylums and shelters to protect your group from the perils that roam in this abandoned world.

Hostile environment

The survival element of this adventure game has been developed to give players a chance to build shelters and fortifications where they can survive in a hostile environment.


These structures are functional to provide shelter from the elements as well as fight off zombies with the use of weapons. The goal of the game is to maintain these asylums and protect them from the perils that roam the wilderness.

Group of survivors

In Shadows of Kurgansk, players take on the role of a group of survivors who are trying their best to fight off the zombies. However, as they continued on their journey, they realize that not all of them survived the initial attack. As a result, a large number of the survivors have died while only a few survived.

Challenging adventure

Now, you must use different strategies to ensure that you can help the remaining players locate a way back to the safe zone. As you fight through this challenging adventure game, you learn more about each of them and learn how you can improve your chances of finding other survivors as well as finding a way to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Building structures

Building structures in your shelter is one way to help you survive in this game as well as create a safe haven for your family. As a result, you can make use of a variety of different tools to become a stronger and more capable survivor. You can also start learning new skills so that you can help the others in your family as well as learn new strategies to fight off zombies.

The objective of this fun-filled zombie adventure game is to achieve your goal which is to stay alive and find a way to reach the safety of your shelter.

Fight off zombies

If you enjoy playing entertaining games with addictive gameplay, then Shadows of Kurgansk is a perfect game for you. The challenging and addictive element of this game comes from the engaging storyline as well as the exciting tools you have at your disposal to ensure your survival.


Because you have only just started to fight off zombies while you are still trying to build your shelter, you may not know where to focus your attention. However, once you discover the location of a laboratory damaged by a virus, you can use its resources to build asylums in order to protect the remaining humans and your family.

Zombies attack

As you continue your search for a way to make the zombies attack even more fiercely, you will eventually stumble upon a man named Alex, who is an expert in bio Weapons research. After helping you build asylums and shelter, he will also teach you a valuable lesson about staying focused on your goals and working towards a common cause.


When you download the Shadows of Kurgansk mod apk version for your mobile device, you can experience all the action from the initial level right through to the ending. Plus, you’ll be able to take on other challenges throughout the course of your play through the different levels.

You’ll soon discover that this challenging adventure is not just for the brave: it’s also a great chance to learn more about your hero and learn even more about the causes for his unusual abilities.

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