Shadowgun Legends Apk (MOD Features unlimited Ammo)

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For a small game that packs a punch, Shadowgun Legends delivers all the thrills and excitement that video games are known for. This exciting PC game allows players to take on the role of a legendary Shadow Shaman and blast their way through enemy territory.

The game comes with an engaging storyline and addictive action-packed gameplay. Get ready to blow the bad guys away in style. Learn the ancient ways of mastering magic, shadow powers, guns, fighting skills, and more in this exciting PC game.

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Shadowgun Legends mod apk

Shadowgun Legends mod apk: An exceptional feature of this popular shooting game is that players can choose from numerous types of mods. There are four main classes – scout, marksman, warrior and infiltrator – and six mission types. There are a total of 20 levels including one that is a boss rush mission. There are various weapons including bows, swords, sticks, explosives, lasers, stomps, blades, and more. Each weapon has special attacks and effects.

PvP Multiplayer

PvP Multiplayer: In this exciting free gun game, players can choose between two unique modes PvE and PvP. PvE gameplay involves capturing aliens and using them for your cause against other players with the goal of winning the game.

The player earns credits by winning battles and protecting humans on the ground. PvP gameplay involves team building, assault, defenses, assaults, and PvP tournaments. There are also several challenges and achievements to earn for this highly entertaining free gun game.

Android Freebies

Android Freebies: Get your dose of futuristic action and adventure with the Android version of Shadowgun Legends mod apk. The mod features an interactive tutorial-filled world where players can learn the basics of playing this thrilling shooting game on their mobile phones.

This mod is compatible with most Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Evo Shift. Just download the Shadowgun Legends apk, install it on your phone, launch the game, and begin your new adventure in outer space.

How To Play

How To Play: To play the mod, you need to be loaded up with some weapons and armors as well as certain perks which will allow you to defeat opponents easily. There are ten levels to each one. You will need to make sure that you kill your opponents before they reach the tenth level or else they will turn into monsters.

There are also ten bonus objectives that are found randomly while playing the game. When you finish one mission or stage, you will earn credits that will allow you to purchase the following items in the in-game shop: power-ups, alien armor upgrades, weapons, healing items, power-ups, etc.

What’s New In The Latest Version

What’s New In The Latest Version: The latest version of Shadowgun Legends has a brand new game mode which is known as the God Mode. Now, you have a chance to take on the God Mode and kill even more enemies with the power of your shadow guns.

The God Mode is available for free and you can find out more about it at the official website. The full version of the mod has many other exciting missions and features which will help you build up your armory faster.

Android Version

Perks That You Can Get With The Full Version Of Shadowgun Legends As Well As The Android Version: If you like the idea of playing with a fully equipped and powerful android and if you love shooting games then you will love the completely free version of the Shadowgun Legends application and its exciting gameplay.

The full version of the mod has all the amazing weapons, armors, and perks that are featured in the Android version. This will allow you to expand your arsenal and become even more formidable with your weaponry as you go on defeating enemy soldiers and boss battles.

Exciting Game Modes

The full version of Shadowgun Legends includes a number of exciting game modes including the single player campaign which is great for players who really want to sink their teeth into the action. The story mode lets you play as one of three unique characters which each have their own set of abilities and weapons that you must learn to use effectively.


The challenging multiplayer mode allows you to pit your skills against waves of incoming soldiers as you try to defend your base. And if you really want to test your mastery of this awesome weapon then you can always go for the challenge of playing versus the computer.

The good news is that the entire Shadowgun Legends mod has been modded and re-done so there are plenty of levels, vehicles, weapons, and challenges for you to explore.

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