Shadow Stickman Fight for Justice Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Diamonds)

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Free Download Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Mod. This one-time game gives you a taste of what modding can offer. Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice is a new take on the classic point-and-click style of PC gaming, offering infinite replayability and tons of content management tools. Free Download Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Mod (Credit Required)

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Funny characters

Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Apk is an action-packed mod for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, featuring all your favorite things from the Shadow Stickman franchise. Enjoy the series full of wacky adventure, funny characters and great physics-based fighting.

Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Apk is a one-touch game that runs on the Apple iOS devices. It allows you to play with the Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Mod, which gives you free access to the entire mod’s content and features, along with tons of extra bonus content.

visual design

This mod is so cool it’s actually worth getting. There aren’t many games out there that combine humor with excellent physics and the artistic visual design of a top-rated game, let alone one as charming and endearing as the Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Mod.

Fighting villains

The fact that this mod doesn’t cost any money makes it even better. Free Download Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice Mod (Credit Required) If you love fighting villains with a smile, this is the one for you. If you have problems downloading free mods the Internet is a great resource for finding them.

Different fighting styles

The mod starts when you wake up in an elevator and notice that there is an assailant chasing you through the city. He’s after you because you are the last living human being with any sort of memory who can stand up to him.

Your only chance to escape is to find the Fist and stop the fight before it reaches its climax. You have two different fighting styles available in the game, so depending on your mood or personality, you can switch between them to get a taste of both.

Good character

The fighting style you choose will have an affect on how the rest of the game will go, so it’s recommended you change it for the best results. A good character should be tough enough to take on the villain and protect the innocent while winning without getting damaged yourself.

One good point about the Stickman is he is so simple; every time you see him, he’s wearing the same shirt. When he’s fighting bad guys, he uses the classic pencil and notebook.


Each level in the game comes with three possible endings, so depending on how you played the game, you will see what happens next. The fighting is pretty good for the graphics, although occasionally it can be frustrating when a stickman uses cover-up moves that don’t work very well in this game.


However, the stickman himself is quite enjoyable, especially his singing and dancing. The game is probably the perfect place to introduce kids to animation, as it shows the many different aspects of drawing and storyboarding. Even those who aren’t into drawing and animation will enjoy watching this game.

Fight for justice

Shadow Stickman’s fight for justice offers a fair amount of content for those who enjoy playing fighting games. It’s not too long and doesn’t have many levels, but it has enough to keep players interested for a few hours. If you like fighting games and like the Shadow Stickman, then this one is worth checking out. Plus, if you like cartoons, then you’ll probably love this game.


Shadow Stickman is available for Nintendo Wii, so it should be no trouble to find a Wii version of this fantastic game. If you’re a fighting video game fan, you’ll probably love this one. If you’re not a fighting fan, you should try it just to see how it works. Either way, you should really try it out. It’s a good one.

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