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Seekers Notes has a new exciting twist on a classic game: a visual wonder. Seekers Notes hides mysteries within its lovely 3D digital world, presenting an almost painterly world as you solve the mystery of every picture. You must locate all the items listed on each level, find hidden items and pick up clues to solve each level.

In this challenging game, you’ll be shown pictures of a house, car, or another place as you advance through each level. Each picture will have a caption indicating where to find something specific or relevant to your current quest. Here are the Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery overview and the Prologue for your reference.

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Seekers Note Hidden Mystery

Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery apk is a fun thriller game that will intrigue you with beautiful scenes, intriguing characters, and an exciting story! It’s an escape-of-a-labor-world puzzle adventure the whole family can enjoy. It’s an adventure game that can present you with beautiful places, charmed characters, and lots of different challenges to overcome.

Charming 3D Universe

In this free downloadable game, you’ll explore the mystery behind the Seekers Notes hidden object clues in a charming 3D universe. You’ll work your way through each beautifully illustrated level, uncovering the secret lives of Seekers, solving puzzles, and collecting every tiny bit of information to finally reach the bottom of the mystery and save the day.

Story Begins

The story begins with a beautiful introduction introducing the Seekers Notes mystery game and providing enough context to set the stages for the game. You’ll meet an adorable robot dog named Seekers whose intent is to find the lost notes of an important scientist. But the robot soon gets tired and confused as to why humans haven’t shared their precious ideas.

You’ll have to work your way through each challenging stage, resolving puzzles, unlocking secrets, and collecting as many small pieces of information as possible. There are also special rewards given for reaching certain amounts of collectibles or achievements.

Game Environment

One of the best things about Seekers Notes HIDM is the way it utilizes Google Play Games to create a very captivating game environment. The free-will game plays perfectly on Android devices and presents users with a range of exciting activities they would expect from a hidden object puzzle game.

Game Features

The free downloadable game features high-resolution illustrations, lovely full-color artwork, and stunning sounds to create a completely gripping experience. It also features a few unique twists, which makes the game more enjoyable and challenging. You’ll need to think fast as well as use your brain since there are many secrets to discover in the game.

Different Stages

Seekers Notes has many different stages to tackle, ranging from easy puzzles to harder levels. The difficulty level can be adjusted easily by users themselves, with the help of several in-game hints and tips. The primary objective of the game is to locate all the missing pieces of ancient writing. Each stage consists of multiple rooms that are randomly generated each time you start the game.

Unique Experience

This provides a fresh and unique experience each time you play it. In addition to its wonderful graphics, Seekers Notes also boasts of some cool features, including the in-game help, the built-in contact support, and the unique puzzles and clues that make solving the mystery so difficult.

Start The Seekers

To start the Seekers Notes adventure, you first need to find all the lost letters from the book. The gorgeous town of Seekers is situated beneath the crystal blue ocean, where you will have to explore its lovely woods, icy mountains, and beautiful beaches in order to find the lost book and its hidden objects.

You can find a map of the location in your Help menu, and you’ll soon realize that the woods are actually quite dangerous due to their monsters and creatures lurking around.

Online Mode

There is also an online link, which can be found at the bottom of the page, which leads you to the game’s website. From there, you can play the game using the online mode, or challenge yourself with the various puzzles available at the Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery.

The game is played completely in co-op mode, with you and another player working together in order to locate the hidden items and solve the mystery. The game is designed in such a way that the 2 players can communicate with one another using the built-in chat system. Some of the features that this game boasts include:


This is only an introduction to Seekers Notes, a fascinating hidden object adventure game that you can play for free right now! The game offers many exciting levels of adventure, exciting clues and artifacts, and lots of secrets to uncover.

In this thrilling quest, you will go back in time and have to use modern technology to uncover the mystery surrounding a mysterious ancient artifact. Play this amazing game now and discover what the future holds for you and your love interest, in this incredible journey that starts with a single tweet!

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