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This is the one product I bought that made me want to rush to Google and click “buy.” When I got this app it had NO reviews. No where on the web site were they listed. And there were only a few cool features. Not even a download option.

But then I found this little gem. As soon as I installed it, I could not believe my eyes. It looked so realistic and so crisp, so that when my children would show me the screen they would think it was an actual application. Oh, and did I mention that you can also use this same program to spy on your kids & hide internet activity? Yes…and with a FREE scan to get a detailed report of every page on the Internet, of your children’s computers.

But wait! I thought I’d have to pay for this? Well, nope! Free spy tools like these are all over the internet, and you just have to know where to look for them.

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SecretPath Find Way Home

Secret Path Find Way Home is no different. It looks about the same as all the others, a clean, crisp, high-quality interface. But the one great feature you will find is the neat little dial that lets you zoom in and out. Need to see the detail on the fly? It’s there too!

Great Features

There are several other great features as well, such as the Time Event Log which is a very helpful one for parents, and you can set up alerts so that you get an email when your child has fallen asleep, has shown interest in internet history, or any number of other things.

I especially love that it even lets you know who just opened a particular link, or clicked on a certain link. Can’t find anything? Just click on the “edit” button and it will save the time you spend looking for things!

Spy Tools

There is, however, one thing that Secret Path Find Way Home does that no of the other spy tools do… it gives you complete access to all the information on any computer. It will find you emails, chats, IM’s, and phone calls, even if you change the IP! This is probably one of the coolest things that I have seen in a spy tools product in ages.

Most of the other products just pull information from the computer’s hard drive, but this one digs right into the registry and pulls out every last bit of dirt. If you want to know what someone is up to at any given time, this is the product for you.

Secret Path

The way that Secret Path Find Way Home actually works is pretty clever, and ingenious really. First of all, it works in conjunction with an online service that is called ” familial monitoring”.

Families all over the world share the same IP address, and because there is so much information available about each one, they can be really good at finding out who a particular family member is online. You can use this service along with Secret Path Find Home to pull up tons of details on any computer, and it works flawlessly!


Another cool thing that this tool actually has is what it calls “re-targeting”. What this means is that you can target a person or a number to go back to search for more information. This is super valuable because the more times you can find out what you are after, the better off you are going to be. This one is a must have! You will never know when you might need this tool, so make sure you are running it often!

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