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The Secret of the Lost Pyramid is a popular game for many PC gamers that have never heard of the game and have no idea what it’s all about. I’ve been playing games like these for many years, and they’re just not the same anymore. The graphics and effects have aged considerably, and I often find myself actively seeking out similar games to pass the time away.

I am not complaining about this at all, but the sad thing is, there are only a few games that will enthrall me as I desperately try to discover what’s going on within the world I’m slowly getting engulfed within.

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Secret of the Lost Pyramid Apk

That’s right folks, The Secret of the Lost Pyramid is a massively hyped internet-based adventure game that just desperately needs a few patches to fix all the major problems it has from day one. And guess what? They’ve been made! But in order to get them, you have to go through three major steps, which are: Step 1, step 2, and step 3.

And when I say major steps, I mean big, meaning: The Secret of the Lost Pyramid requires some quick and dirty work if you want to see any noticeable results.

Lost Pyramid

If there was one thing that disappointed me about The Secret of the Lost Pyramid, it would have to be its forgettable storyline. Despite being one of the biggest topics in recent memory, the storyline is surprisingly bland. It may as well have just been left there to rot, as it lacks the punch I needed in order to make the most of the mod. However, despite my initial disappointment, I was able to overlook it and look past it when I got around to actually testing the game.

Hidden Object Scenes

What I actually liked about The Secret of the Lost Pyramid were its hidden object scenes. Specifically, I like how the scenes were arranged and how I was prompted to interact with objects within them. Although the scenes are beautifully designed, the animation used to show how the items are placed into their rooms didn’t exactly impress me, but I can overlook this as I got used to playing the game. The scenes are gorgeous though, so I’m not complaining.

The Layout

The layout of the game is very similar to the earlier games in the series, except that you will be required to enter the house of a previous missing child instead of simply going straight to the pyramids. This time around you will also be tasked to find the five colored pyramids, guarded by a pack of ravenous guardian animals.

Series of Vignettes

The story is told through a series of vignettes that slowly expand as you move further into the house, detailing the origins of the pyramids, the history of The Lost Pyramid (which takes place thousands of years before the present day), and more. It’s worth taking a moment to wrap your mind around all this if you get stuck on a certain point in the storyline.

Entering The House

You will notice that the pyramids are spaced out in such a way that they seem to be receding from one another. This is due to the time travel element that can be found in the game, as you will travel back in time and see The Lost Pyramid in much the same way that you will when entering the house.

The main storyline progresses much in the same way as the first game, although you do have the option to speed up time by using a time travel item. Each level is composed of many small puzzles to solve, and once completing a section you will unlock a new one to start on.

Mundane of pPuzzles

Some critics have suggested that Secret of the Lost Pyramid is too “generic”, but I think this criticism would only apply to those who had not played the game before. I believe that it’s a highly entertaining game, and even the most mundane of puzzles can be quite fun to solve. If you like the visual style of older puzzle games then I suggest giving Secret of the Lost Pyramid a go!

The music is catchy and fitting for the subject matter. The storyline may not make you think too much about your real life situation, but I’m sure that’ll come through as you play the game.


My final verdict? The Lost Pyramid is an engrossing and well-designed game. The visual style and the soundtrack are both engaging, although I feel that the game could have been improved upon. Overall, I would recommend Secret of the Lost Pyramid to anyone who likes to solve mazes and puzzles.

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