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Secret House is a captivating puzzle game for Android coming from the makers of Scrabble. Coming from a similar genre, you can expect the same addictive gameplay and beautiful visual effects. Accessing the game via Google Play gives you the freedom of choosing whichever app you prefer.

You can decorate, shop, and even design and personalize your very own luxury abode. The level of difficulty varies according to the difficulty of each level.

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Secret House

The first secret level has a very interesting set of house decorations that give you clues to its hidden content. These are some of the content in the hidden room of the house. Once you manage to illuminate the switch, a panel containing a secret clue will reveal itself before you.

Secret Level

The second secret level gives access to the kitchen and the bathroom, two more rooms in your luxury abode. The third secret level gives access to the attic and the basement. The fourteenth secret house mod supplies the players with a choice of three achievements.

Hidden Items

After the first three hidden items, the player is encouraged to go on and find five more items to complete the level. This is where the hidden object genre really begins to take off. In this case, the player may choose between discovering a diary, a painting or even a musical instrument hidden within the Secret House. The musical instrument is available as a download for a price of $2.99.

Endless City

However, I must warn you that Secret House isn’t just about hidden objects. It is also about the way the game provides you with the means to advance to the next level. A new game mode called Endless City is included which challenges you to find all the 100 levels of hidden objects in one stage. To help you achieve this, the game comes with an impressive number of unlockables such as huts, vehicles, tools, etc.

Graphics and Sounds

The overall graphics and sounds are both charming but not the best. They are neither innovative nor innovative but are very basic. You will definitely fall in love with the lovely house decoration and the way it glows with character as you uncover its secrets. And if you happen to like cooking, then this is the game for you. As the hidden object games are usually about cooking recipes, this one adds a few recipes as well.

Korean Dungeon

For example, one of the recipes in the Korean dungeon includes beef ( Bulg cha), green onions, scallops, and garlic. You will have to combine all these ingredients by using different combinations without touching the same ingredient. On a further level, another recipe demands assembling cabbage leaves, cumin seeds, and ginger roots.

In addition to the usual ingredients, there are also fruits to be harvested on the levels including apricots, grapes, and oranges. This means that every time you play, the game keeps introducing new recipes for you to try and keep you occupied.

Cooking Ingredients

Apart from the typical cooking ingredients, the game also has other interesting features such as randomly generated weapons, special power-ups such as ice storms and lightning strike and hidden chests which have certain rewards such as money, herbs, rings, accessories or health.

Main Objective

The main objective is to find all the items within a certain time limit without running out of items in order to proceed to the next level. Each level presents new challenges which require you to think creatively in order to conquer them. If you do not want to get stuck at a particular level, just save your game and come back to it later.


The game provides a number of challenges for its users. If one gets stuck at a particular stage, he can always return to the previous one and try again. The maps are well designed, the graphics are great and the overall visual effects of the game are really good. All in all, the Secret House Game is one of the best-hidden object games that can be played online. The best part about it is that it is free!

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