Save the World Mr Detective 3 Math riddles Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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Fortnite: Save The World apk is an addictive multiplayer online role-playing strategy game based on the fantasy world created by Unreal Engine Technology. The story of the game revolves around the concept of ‘Vitalism’, which is an upcoming force on earth destroying all existing religions and governments and leaving the only remaining force, Humans, to fight and create the world anew.

Young Girl

The protagonist in the game is a young girl named Makal, who teams up with his cousin Jodie to go into the Magical Kingdom of Length. There they learn that there is a huge war going on between the various religions and dragons are fighting their own people. The cousins go into the kingdom to save their loved ones and Makal ends up joining the opposition to opposing dragons.

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Save the World Mr. Detective 3 Math riddles Apk Download

Save The World Mod Apk offers a number of game modes including the Story, Endless mode, PvP mode, and Arena mode. The Story mode allows players to control the story from start to finish, where they will have to save the four villages which are under attack by the dragon force.

Earns Experience

The player earns experience points and levels up by completing objectives within the levels. The game gets tougher as you advance to the next level, where you face increasingly difficult battles against stronger dragons and the evil Dark Lord Medusa.

You can purchase or unlock different weapons and abilities for your character as you progress through the game modes. As you progress, you earn money by selling the used items or weapons at the Auction Hall.

The most efficient way to level up quickly is to buy and upgrade weapons and abilities as you progress through the game. There are a number of ways to make money and purchase the weapons and abilities you need to progress through the game as well.

Save the World Mr. Detective 3 Math riddles

Internet For Tips

Unlike other games, in which the player has to search the Internet for tips on how to play the game, the battle royale mode allows gamers to get free-to-play guides that offer tips on how to level up faster and defeat stronger enemies.

Save The World Mod Apk gives out these guides to its players free of charge. In order to receive these guides, one must simply visit the Save The World site. However, in order to access the free-to-play guide, one must join the beta test community.

Other than the free-to-play guide, the Save The World site also provides several hints and tips for players to help them get through the game faster. The Fortnite game mode is more suitable for new players who do not yet have enough experience with online multiplayer games.

The Beginning

There are several tips provided for players to speed up the game in the beginning, as well as tips on how to defeat stronger enemies and lastly, how to obtain rare items. This website also provides information on the best strategies to beat enemy castles.

One of the most interesting things about the Save The World concept is the story-driven game modes that it provides. For those who are not familiar with the story, Save The World Mod Apk combines three different game modes to entice players into playing the story-driven mode. These three game modes are:

Dragon Stone

Story-Driven – Players have to save the world by facing attacks from all sides. They can either use ranged or melee weapons to fight against their enemies. When winning a battle, players will be rewarded with experience points (AP).

Download Save the World Mr. Detective 3 Math riddles Apk

They can also collect powerful items such as the epic shield, golden sword, and dragon stone. This is the easiest way to level up as the only requirement to win is to defeat all opponents without receiving any damage.


Battle Royal – In the battle royale mode, gamers will have to defeat all enemies and bosses using only ladders and bombs. The player may switch between various weapons during battle to change its strategy. There are three levels in this mode including beginner, intermediate, and expert where the final goal is to kill all the enemies.

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