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Samsara Game is the latest release from Korean Development Culture’s brand new Samsara Game Studio. This game is part of Samsara Game’s first attempt to bring a truly modernized version of the classic Mystery Case Files desktop PC game and to do so within the limits of an iPhone and iPod Touch’s limited memory space.

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Samsara Game

Samsara Game has been developed as a multi-player platform where one player uses the touchscreen of their Apple device to manipulate Samsara, a virtual character that walks Samsara Game’s avatar through the game’s platform using various forms of locomotion and interaction with its environment.

Samsara’s Mystery

Other player’s in the game can also interact with Samsara using a tap of the screen or a swipe of their finger. The other players are not necessarily gamers but anyone who has access to Samsara Game’s interactive environment can also play the game and have fun while trying to solve Samsara’s mystery.

Adventure Type Games

Unlike any other puzzle/adventure type games, Samsara Game has a strong storyline with a strong objective. Samsara’s main objective is to find out why Samsara has been trapped inside the game and if she can be let free to continue to explore and reach the goal area. However, as soon as the player reaches the goal area, another wave of the same puzzles will start to attack the player.

The player is provided only one way out – so if he or she wants to leave the game, he or she must jump over a bridge to another area or find a way to unlock the locked doors.

Single Player

Apart from the single player adventure, Samsara Game comes with a few different modes and features. There is the Story mode wherein Samsara has an extended story told through the in-game journal. In this mode, the player’s actions will result in different outcomes. For example, if the player opts to look for clues in the area, Samsara will become agitated and throw her lamp at the player, which could potentially make things worse.

Game Mode

Another mode is the Endless Game mode, which allows the player to go back to Samsara’s cottage after finding the lost item. This mode is different from the story mode as there are no written journals to document Samsara’s actions. However, there are still many features that differentiate Samsara Game from its competitors.

Friendly Iinterface

The main difference is its user-friendly interface, which allows its users to easily control and manipulate the puzzles without too much difficulty. This is probably one of the best features of the puzzle game; indeed, many people would consider it a necessary feature for a puzzle game.

Other Puzzle Games

One of the major differences between Samsara Game and other puzzle games is the use of objects. Although Samsara Game does not contain any objects, the puzzles can still be completed with objects. Some of the objects include ropes and wooden beams that will lead the player to solving puzzles. Different types of these wooden beams include woven, circular and triangular ones. The wooden beams can also change their shape, allowing the player to make use of them when required.

Crossword Puzzles

The puzzles can also include twisting, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word puzzles. These can be categorized according to level of difficulty, where easy puzzles are suitable for children, and more difficult ones are appropriate for adults. Another feature of Samsara Game is that you do not need any specific skills to complete it. You are free to try it anytime, and you can even re-try it anytime you want.

Enjoyable Puzzle Games

Samsara Game is quite easy to understand and it is considered one of the most enjoyable puzzle games. It uses simple graphics, and it is also very challenging as well, thanks to its innovative physics engine. This allows the player to adjust the difficulty of the puzzles as he or she gets accustomed to it.

Puzzles in Samsara Game are designed in such a way that they keep the interest of the players till the end. Samsara Game contains many levels, and all of them offer new challenges every time the player enters them.


Samsara Game is also available on iPhone and iPod touch. Due to the extensive user population, Samsara Game has sold millions of copies worldwide. Many people enjoy playing this game, and it has been ranked as the fifth best app on Apple’s App Store. In terms of number of users, Samsara Game is far and away the most popular app of all times.

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