Sakura Live Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Free Premium]

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If you’re in search of the most effective live streaming application then you’ve come to the right spot. Sakura Live Apk is one of the top live streaming applications you can come across.

sakura live apk

This isn’t just an android app that will provide you with full-fledged television live stream. You can stream channels from TV on this application with no interruptions.

The application was created by Chinese users and was made available to Chinese initially, but because of its popularity with Chinese users, the developers of this app released the application to the rest of the world.

It is not just a platform for live streaming of TV but also allows you to earn real money by playing games as well as performing everyday tasks. The reward will come given in form of currency that can later be used to purchase an app-related item. Switch between the various types of accounts you own. Be sure to achieve the top rank by changing your account on a regular basis.

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Additional Information

Name Sakura Live Apk
Version v1.0.0
Size 48.88 MB
Cos Free
Android Requirement 4.0 and over
Size 48.9MB
Category TV
Get it on Play Store


For your convenience, we’ve listed a few of the most useful attributes that are available in Sakura Live. After reading the entire article, you’ll be completely clear about how to install this app.


The name of the application is derived from the currency that it uses. After playing small-sided games at the end you’ll receive a currency. The currency is sakura. When you earn 100 sakura, you’ll be able to upgrade your account.

VIP Account

As many sakura as is possible in order to increase your VIP status. This means that your time of streaming live video will rise.

Live Chats

If you’re interested in making video chats or live chats with friends who are not anonymous, you can utilize this application for the same purpose.


This interface program is extremely simple and user-friendly that even novices and people without technical expertise can make use of it effortlessly.


If you think due to living streaming applications this application could contain bugs and malware and therefore isn’t secure. You are mistaken. This application is safe and reliable to download.

It is home to 9k+ active users at the moment all across the world. The huge number of registered users indicates how compatible it is.


You can sign up through this application using your personal number. You will receive OTP after you have registered your number, which will allow immediate registration.

This application won’t require any additional details about your personal life, other than your number. Therefore, you can be confident that this program is secure.


You can start streaming at any time you wish to. Also, other users across the globe will join you live streaming. You can join anyone you want to join your stream by sharing the links if you’d like to.


It is possible to install Sakura Live Apk free at no cost. It won’t ask for any money prior to the installation of the application. If you’re in a hurry to download the application now, then just click on the link below.

Meet Celebrities

Every person on the planet has a crush on a famous person. Perhaps you have to. Participate in the live chat session of your crushes on the red carpet and leave a comment live on their live session.


The application is compatible with virtually every device. However, the only requirement is that the Android version is 4.0 or above.


Our opinion is that this is the top social media app that has features from a variety of applications for social media included. It is a collection of diverse social media applications where you can make new friends and play games, chat with your friends, and even participate in live streams.

By doing this, you’ll be connected to the outside world at all times and will be able to pass the time in a productive manner whenever you’re bored.


Is Sakura Live a free application?

Absolutely, this program is completely free for you to download.

Is Sakura Live safe or is it not?

It is indeed secure. While many people believe that it isn’t a secure application due to its live-streaming feature, it proves that it is clear that there is no issue with security issues with live streaming.

How do I get my hands on Sakura Live?

When you click the link in the article and you will be directly taken into the process of installing the app.

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