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Rules of Survival is once again among the topmost battle royale games released and developed by popular online game business NetEase Games. Rules of Survival APK takes you right into the battlefield of 120 human players and whoever survives till the end will win the game.

What makes this game different and unique is that it does not just focus on one type of game but encompasses a wide array of battle royale games which are very exciting to play. Here are a few things you can expect from Rules of Survival.

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Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival has a great feature wherein, as you play the game, you will encounter different types of scenarios, wherein each scenario brings along a new set of rules or a variation of old rules that you will have to master and adapt to make it through the game and emerge victoriously.

The first scenario will be the epic scale version of Rules of Survival where you have to face the likes of giant monsters, hordes of zombies, cultists, and more. You have to use the resources available to you well to be able to last long enough so that you can continue playing.

The second scenario will introduce you to the concept of resource management, where you have limited stocks of every item including food, weapons, and healing items.

Intelligent Opponents

Rules of Survival is also the first full game offering of its kind where you do not have to play against intelligent opponents in an attempt to survive and win. In Rules of Survival, you will play solo and you will have to find ways to survive as long as possible without dying or without your stock of food, weapons, and healing items running out.


You will fight solo with a very limited number of weapons at your disposal, and you will have to rely solely on your survival skills to make it through the game. There will be several challenges and difficulties that you will encounter when playing alone that will require you to use some tactics in order to overcome them.

Survival Situations

There are various types of scenarios that you can play with the Rules of Survival. Some of them will be based on real-life survival situations that you may have to overcome. There are many people who think that the game will be boring with a limited number of weapons and a limited amount of enemies.

However, this is not the case as there are many people who have played the game repeatedly and have found it to be one of their most exciting games to play. There are even some experts who believe that Rules of Survival could turn out to be the next big shooter game, just like Call of Duty or Modern Warfare.

Traditional Shooting

Rules of Survival was released in the middle of 2021 and was immediately popular among all gamers. It combines the concept of a traditional shooting game with the concept of the survival setting. There are several features present in this game that have made it very interesting and popular.

First, you will be able to earn money as you progress through the game. The money comes from money bags that you earn throughout the game; these money bags also contain items that you buy for weapons, ammunition, and other things that you need during battles.

Feature of Rules of Survival

Another great feature of Rules of Survival is its solo mode. In this mode, you will fight against all of the zombies that are shown on the screen. You will be given several options during each level so that you can choose which weapon you want to use during the gameplay.

There are many people who believe that the gameplay is not very challenging, however, for those people who do not mind a bit of challenge, the solo gameplay is going to be a lot of fun.

Another great thing about Rules of Survival is the fact that you will be saving the game file every time you play the game. If you encounter any difficulties along the way, you can always restore your game and start over from the point where you originally saved your file.

Hordes Of Zombies

One of the best things about Rules of Survival is the fact that you get weapons throughout the game. These weapons are very effective during combat and can make your gameplay much more interesting as you fight the hordes of zombies all across your environment.

However, before you can get the weapons that you desire in the game, you need to complete some prerequisite quests. For example, if you are going to be using a chainsaw in combat, then you will need to complete the “use a chainsaw” quest prior to entering into the actual gameplay.

living enemies

The developers of Rules of Survival have seen the need for a game that includes some elements that make playing the zombie a little more exciting. After all, playing the undead may sound appealing to some gamers, but there are some who are more accustomed to playing against living enemies.


Fortunately, the developers of Rules of Survival have seen this issue and have addressed it by including weapons in the game that will allow the player to battle both living and non-living enemies.

This provides for a much more challenging experience for those who enjoy playing zombie games. So, if you are one of those people who enjoy playing games that include a wide variety of different genres and styles, then Rules of Survival may be just the game for you.

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