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Royal Match is one of the most sought-after online flash games that provides a nice experience and addictive gaming. It is the game of kings that everyone is craving. Here you will be able to choose one of your favorite heroes and start playing them. They are totally free and absolutely free too. Play the game free and win big!

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Royal Match Apk

The Royal Match Game is an addictive puzzle game that gives you real-time fun to play. As this is an addictive box-breaking puzzle game giving you real-time fun to complete all the levels. Here, you get various challenging levels to match sweet boxes with different colors. If any two boxes are of the same color and any of them are already used, you will have to go through some harder levels to finish the game.

Challenging Puzzles

Royal Match is designed in such a way that you can enjoy playing it for long hours without getting tired or even without finishing some levels. The developers create several levels here so that there will be no need to replay the levels. The more levels and challenges you find in the royal match game; the more challenging puzzles you will find to solve and the more fun you will have.

Mod Version

You can also enjoy playing this royal match game on Firefox browser as well as Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. The mod versions do not require installation of any kind. This is another feature that makes this version a popular choice among mobile phone users as well. The mod versions allow you to enjoy playing the game without installing any kind of mod version to your mobile phone.


The features of the Royal Match include multi-player and LAN play capabilities. The mod version allows two-player games and up to four players can join the game. This makes the game even more exciting and interesting. When you join the game, you are given a royal apk which gives you access to all the features of the royal match mod such as chatting, uploading and sharing of pictures and videos, and a lot of other useful features.

Easy Compatibility

The most important thing about the mod version of the royal game without watching is its easy compatibility with all the popular browsers like Firefox, IE, and Safari. These browsers support the latest versions of the games. The mod version of the game is the latest in technology and gives you a unique gaming experience.

Sell The Objects

With the mod version of the puzzle game, you can also buy and sell the objects used in the game and can also earn unlimited coins and points. The coins are earned while playing the game and you can buy or sell the same for using them elsewhere. The point systems of the game make it all the more exciting. The objective of the game is not only to beat the opponents but to also earn the most number of coins and points as well as earn experience points.

New Costumes

You can also earn credits after playing the games. These credits can be used in future games or can be used to buy new costumes for the characters in the game. The Royal Match website provides all these exciting features along with free sound effects. You can opt for the paid version if you want to enjoy all the features and play for free. It is better to choose the paid version because the paid updates of the site are available free of cost.

Free Version

Another good feature of the Royal Match completely free version is that you can use every new avatar by creating your own profile. There is no restriction on avatars and you can change them frequently according to your choice. You can even select an avatar according to the color of your choice. You can also choose your favorite player in the world and with this, you can easily play in the virtual poker room of the world.

Different Challenges

Another great feature of the site is the power-ups. You can choose from various different challenges and the game comes up with many power-ups which can easily aid you in overcoming the various obstacles in the game. You can use these power-ups to gain an advantage over your opponent and can easily win the match.

You can either download the unlimited power-ups of the site or purchase some power-ups which are available on the site. However, you can also avail the free icons in the Royal Match and use them freely.


Royal Match is a very unique and fascinating online puzzle game. This site has something for everyone irrespective of age and gender. You can have loads of fun and enjoy the leisurely atmosphere of the game with its exciting puzzles and exciting features. It is one of the most popular games on mobiles which can also be enjoyed on the internet.

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