Rope Hero Vice Town Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money and Gems)

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Rope Hero Vice City is a game from developer Crave Entertainment that allows the player to control two characters, each with their own skillset. These characters can then team up to complete missions and earn rewards while doing so. The game allows for two to four people to play at once and can be played in split-screen mode too.

There are many different mission sets available, and each one has multiple levels to complete. This makes Rope Hero Vice Town one of the best and most entertaining game portals on the internet.

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Rope Hero Vice Town

The story behind Rope Hero Vice Town is that it is part of a bigger trend of open-world gangster games that are available on portals all over the World Wide Web. In this game, you take control of a character who can control others by ” rope vision” which involves pointing and clicking on your mouse.

This is then followed by clicking on the opponents for additional actions. You also have the option of using your arrow keys to move the camera, although this is not included as an option with the mouse controls.

Different Colors

It is also possible to change your costume with different colors according to the season, thus allowing for a lot of personalization. It is your duty to save The World, and use your superpowers to help keep the good guys and the bad guys from facing off in a battle that will decide the fate of humanity.

If you are able to complete the different tasks given to you throughout the game, you will earn money, health points, and eventually power-ups that will allow you to transform into a powerful superhero!

Missions in Rope Hero

Some of the missions in Rope Hero Vice Town are quite simple, requiring you to shoot enemies, throw boomerangs and shoot objects from a distance. Some of the more difficult missions will require you to hit an enemy with a specific weapon and cause them to become weak or immobile for a certain amount of time.

These missions are designed to test your skills and if you master them you will find yourself playing the game again as you enjoy your chance to prove yourself to be a superhero!

Vice Town

The main storyline of Rope Hero Vice Town will take place in a fictional African city called Muscle Town. You will need to save the president of the African country from a group of terrorists who want to gain control of all of Africa. You can choose from three different characters who are trying to stop the terrorists from taking over the country and perform a number of tasks in order to do so.

Each of the three heroes has its own special features which include the use of a machine gun, throwing boomerangs, and taking jio phones from enemies.

Shooting Down

A lot of the challenges in Rope Hero Vice Town are based on shooting down as many targets as possible within a set time frame. For example, one of the challenges can require you to shoot down ten enemy soldiers before they manage to get into the building you are protecting.

Once they are inside, they can start disabling machine guns, shooting at you from the roof of the building, or setting you on fire from a helicopter. In addition, some of the missions will require you to perform a task using only a rope.

Super Powers

A major part of the game involves using your superpowers. There are a total of eight different superpowers which can be used in the game. These include the Freeze power which freezes targets in place, allowing you to shoot them from a distance without them moving, the Disintegration power which damages targets by splattering them with broken glass, the Intense Heat that causes a target to light up, the Disruptive Power which stuns opponents,

Flight Power

the Flight power which allows you to quickly move from one location to another, and the Galvanic Power which teleports you. These powers are used by focusing on them and pressing the appropriate trigger. Some of the challenges will allow you to use more than one power at once; for example, using the freeze and heat together to shatter a few guards.


Despite its open-world concept, Rope Hero Vice Town isn’t a pure open-world game. It does have certain elements, such as shooting enemies from the air and climbing up buildings, but it is not like playing something like Grand Theft Auto where you can go around free for a few hours and return to finish missions and earn money.

It is a more traditional first-person game, with plenty of opportunities to explore and perform a variety of actions, but if you find yourself getting bored while playing it, you’ll probably need to put the game down because it has too much content to keep playing for more than ten minutes.

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