Rope Hero 3 Apk (MOD Features unlimited diamonds)

In Rope Hero 3 Apk, you will experience the most authentic rope physics and dynamic climbing animation while playing in a group of virtual heroes. This exciting online game lets you use a wide range of dynamic lighting techniques, such as grappling, throwing, blocks, punching, eye gouges, axe throws, takedowns, knee strikes, head butts, and many others.

Players can switch between different characters with a simple touch of a button. Each character is skillfully designed and comes with its own set of tools, including boxing gloves, boots, rope, and a knife. You can use these tools for grappling, throwing, striking, and evasive moves. In addition to this, some of these weapons are able to lock onto an opponent or penetrate certain obstacles.

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Rope Hero 3

The fighting techniques in Rope Hero 3 include grappling moves that utilize the opponents’ momentum against them. The player uses the left and right arrows to attack their targets. When an enemy gets in the way, you can use the grappling weapon to pin them down and then use your weapons to kill them. Using a combination of weapons, you are able to execute attacks that leave your enemies helpless.

Multiplayer Mode

The fight can be enhanced further by adding more players into the action. A multiplayer mode enables up to four players to join in the fun and take on the evil robots sent to Earth by the evil Dr. Darkkan. If you choose to play in the single-player mode, your aim is to rescue your little brothers, rescue the imprisoned Alpha Bot, fight the Dr. Darkkan, and rescue your limited-time supply of rice.

Dr. Darkkan uses a wide range of attacks, including clawing, crashing, freezing, and viruses to slow you down and lessen your ability to fight back. It is important to defeat the Dr. before he destroys your rice supply.

Variety of Weapons

You have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal as you battle the robot in this action-packed, physics-based, online-based, game. As you battle through missions and level up, you will find new weapons that can assist you in defeating your enemies.

You will be able to combine two resources to create stronger ropes to tie up, multiple opponents, use items to give yourself a tactical advantage, and uncover the truth about the nature of your mysterious villains in Rope Hero 3.

Single Player Campaign

After you conquer all the levels in the single-player campaign of Rope Hero 3, you can enjoy unlimited access to the mania mode. This mode will increase the difficulty level and the speed of your gameplay. The new character you will meet when you start in the mania mode is actually Magneto, the unstable teleporting scientist who has a powerful telepathic shield that protects him from danger.

By using the many devastating attacks, you will find it very easy to score points and reach the goal for every level you are playing in the single-player campaign of the addictive online game of Rope Hero 3.

Controlling Magnets

If you are an expert in the art of controlling magnets and other strong objects, you will love the exciting challenges that the Maniac mode offers in Rope Hero 3. The challenges will test your strategic skills even more as you use your knowledge about using magnets against the mysterious and powerful Dr. Darkkan.

The endless defense system offered by the Rope Hero 3 mod will keep you busy for many hours as you attempt to stop the plans of the evil villain from destroying the world they want.

The Rope Hero 3 mod is also compatible with the famous arcade game Psychosoma: Thyroid Island, so you will have loads of opportunities to test your fighting skills against the brainy, yet fast-moving Psychosomatic enemies.

Mysterious Powers

In the single-player mode of Rope Hero 3, you are to save two heroes from the clutches of the evil Dr. Darkkan, who is after their mysterious powers to rule the world. The hero you chose must survive the many waves of enemies that you will face while trying to save the two heroes.

Your two heroes are named Diesel and Squire, and you control them with the help of the Rope Hero controls, which are simple controls that allow you to swing your rope over the opponents and stun or kill them instantly.

Ground Pound Attack

You can also slam the opponents into the ground by using the Ground Pound attack, and unleash the Rope Lash attack to pull your opponents towards you. You can also throw a Rope Spike at your opponents, but using the Rope Lash attack is quite risky, as it could pull you back if you are not careful, although the Rope Spike will stun opponents too.


The heroes of Rope Hero 3 are offered in three different versions for the players to choose from. The hero packages of the free version offer two challenges in one, while the other offers three challenges in a single package. However, the paid versions of the game offer infinite coins for every challenge that you complete, and also a chance to earn five special coins for free every day for a month.

With the unlimited money and special coin rewards that you get, you will feel all the power and ability of your hero as you fight through all the challenges in Rope Hero 3.


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