Roll the Ball Apk (Mod Feature Unlimited Hints)

Roll the Ball is an entertaining game that many people play. This is one thing that you will surely find entertaining. This is something that many adults enjoy playing as well. You will definitely find this to be a great way to pass the time as well. Here are some of the exciting Roll the Ball features.

Roll the Ball Apk

Roll the Ball has an easy graphical interface. The text content is fairly simple so that everybody can easily explore it. It’s also promising to be just one of the best entertainment you can’t get enough of. Be your finger ready for sliding gridlock and releasing the ball into the grid.

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Traditional Gridlock

Now, are you really ready for the game? If you have enjoyed the traditional gridlock style puzzle games, then you will love Roll the Ball. This is something completely different and unique. It gives you a good challenge unlike the traditional puzzle games. You definitely want to try this one out.

New Level

Roll the Ball offers a new level of challenges. Unlike the usual gridlocks you know, this one has a twist. Players must match their actions with the progression on the screen in order to get the balls through the holes. As you progress through the levels, you will see the screen filled with progressively more difficult gridlocks. The harder the gridlocks, the higher your score!

Other Modes

In addition to the exciting gridlocks, Roll the Ball offers a few other modes as well. One of these is the Star Mode. This allows you to select two letters of the grid, and if you hit them just right, you will spin the ball around and come into contact with it, causing a star to appear.

Slide Puzzle Game

The other mode is the Slide Puzzle Game. As you rotate your mouse cursor, you will see that the ball will move in a circle. However, if you move the cursor quickly, you will get another thought-provoking question. The next time you see the ball in this circular orbit, you have to quickly click on the “slide” part of the keyboard, and the ball will go back to the start position.


There are several other features that make this particular puzzle game very thought-provoking and fun. Some of these features include the undo button, which will return you to the start position without resetting your board.

The ball will also go in the opposite direction if you hit it too hard, and the icons on the board will change to show you which direction the ball is moving. And finally, there is no time limit, and the computer will continually try to help you complete the task, and will increase the difficulty level as you advance. This means that you can try the game as many times as you want, in order to increase your skill and satisfaction.

Free Download

This game has just been released for mobiles and is available as a free download. It’s definitely one of the best things that I have seen on a smartphone – it has such engaging gameplay, and yet it is also very simple to play. It is also a great example of how you can combine different mobile features in order to make a fun and entertaining mobile experience. The Roll the Ball mod Apk will be available from Google Play Games at a price of 99 cents. Give it a go!

Classic Mode

I’ve always enjoyed online games with some sort of unlockable content, and this one has a great deal of content, with a lot of different challenges and achievements. The Classic mode allows you to simply roll the ball forward, while the exciting new Super Mario modes let you really go for the ball and try to score as much stars as possible.

Different Challenges

Different challenges will be coming out all the time, and you can even play against the computer. Even if you haven’t played the game before, you will probably find it pretty challenging. New players will also find the challenges to be very different from the classic mode, as they will be using different controls to get the ball rolling.

Google Android

Although it does use the Google Android engine to allow you to play the game, it does not utilize the Android pie widget that most other apps use, which means that you won’t be seeing any graphical user interface elements on the screen. You are, however, still getting a great amount of gameplay, with a nice puzzle game experience. It does have a few short but challenging levels, as well as a couple of very challenging achievements, but the rest of the interface is clear and easy to use.

Free Version

Roll the Ball offers a free version for download that is decent, but the paid version has all of the great features that the free version has, as well as a few more. This paid app gives users the ability to choose between a few different control methods, such as holding down the center button and dragging the bottom of the screen. You can also change the speed of the ball by holding down the left or right arrows.


The overall difficulty level can be changed, and there are even some extra features such as leaderboards, stats, and leaderboards based upon user achievement levels. All in all, Roll the Ball is a very enjoyable game, and users with some experience with playing puzzle games should have no problem getting through it.


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