Robot Fighting 2 Mod APK (MOD Features Unlimited Gold)

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Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D Mod version is an arcade style fighting game on mobile with amazing graphics. Play the ultimate robot battle game on mobile with super powerful coins and hone your fighter skills to perfection to win this competitive game on Android.

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New weapons

Get access to exciting new weapons, boosters and special moves to unleash full power destruction upon the opponents. Unleash your inner robot warlord and annihilate all who stand in your way with overwhelming power and devastating moves that can’t be resisted. Earn impressive rewards and bonuses to upgrade your fighter and earn the top rank!

Earn enough credits

Fight your way through the ruined cities of earth and earn enough credits to afford to purchase all the robots you need to fully equip your fighter. Each of the robots has special abilities you can use to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Use advanced weaponry and devastating moves that take up to 4 players to bring your opponent to their knees. Earn impressive rewards and high scores to challenge your friends in this fantastic and addictive mobile robot fighting game on Facebook.

Minibots 3D Mod

Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D Mod includes all the content from the original game including the exciting “Shattering the Resistance” expansion pack with exciting new features that not only extend the playing time but add incredible visual effects to the game. You can also access exciting rewards by leveling up your robot. The advanced “Rise of the Machines” expansion packs introduce a totally brand new campaign with all new maps, environments, and challenges that will test even the most skilled robot warriors.

Unlimited item

To make sure that all players have an equally challenging experience, the developers have implemented an unlimited item system that lets you purchase multiple items with one purchase. You also get unlimited downloads for a life time.

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Complete version of Robot Fighting 2

Robot Fighting 2 – Free download the complete version of Robot Fighting 2 – Android. It is a fantastic action game with excellent graphics and superb sound effects. This highly entertaining free version of Robot Fighting 2 is full of fun and offers great value for money. This Android game has an amazing visual display and features exciting and engaging fights between robots in over-the-top arenas. Enjoy fighting with a number of robots in single player mode or engage in multiple player battles and fight everyone across the globe in versus battles.

My Robot Truck Battle

My Robot Truck Battle – If you want to experience thrilling robot truck battle then you can download this amazing sport for free. Enjoy the amazing action packed game without any hassles. Enjoy awesome graphics of trucks and attack them with superior strategies. The latest version changes make it more interesting and exciting.

Robot Factory

Robot Factory – Fight against the robots using advanced tools and weapons to destroy enemies and save factories. You can also enjoy the arena battle with unique rules and settings. You can choose different robots and destroy them in the arena to score maximum points and beat your competitors.


roid fable – Download this awesome android game and blast yourself with stunning graphics. All you need is to defeat robots with the help of powerful weapons and destructive moves and attacks. This Robot Fighting Game gives you the freedom to choose from different robotic warriors and destroy everything with superior moves and weapons to destroy all your enemies. Enjoy the breathtaking graphics and the real time action. The Robot Fighting 2 arena battle is the latest version where you can experience the spectacular action between the robots. It is always exciting to watch these robots in action.

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