Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

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Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Robbery Bob. The story is the same, but it takes place in two versions. Each version has a completely different storyline, with entirely different towns and people. This game is definitely a must-have for those fans of the first Robbery Bob game.

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Robbery Bob 2

Game info – As in the first Robbery Bob game, Double Trouble, you play as a new character. You are now tasked to prevent a new crime from occurring. This time, your task is to prevent three robberies from happening instead.

Your character is given two options; you can choose to have unlimited coins (to buy more expensive weapons and items), or you can have the guards pursue you instead (so that you get noticed easily). Each option carries its own benefits and disadvantages.

New Gadgets

New Gadgets – Two new gadgets are added to the formula this time around. The first one is the “Mobile Robbery Bob.” This is an unlockable, on-screen Android device that keeps watching over your location and tells you when an icon is located. If you don’t want to lose your progress, you have to manually switch your device off. The second gadget is the “Rambo Bodyguard.” This is an augmentable mobile phone that allows you to call the police immediately when you are approached by a robbery Bob.

Double Trouble

These two new gadgets are very useful when playing Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. But you can only acquire them if you purchase the original Robbery Bob for the Nintendo DS. It’s definitely worth it. The in-game currency, called points, can be used to purchase these new gadgets. Also, points can be used to restore your health after being hit by a robber.

Interesting facts

I won’t go through all the details about the two new gadgets in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble, but you can read more about them at my blog, where I’ve posted some of the most interesting facts about the game. After spending a lot of time in the DS version of the original Robbery Bob, I decided to try out the new version on the iPhone.

Download robbery 2 mod apk

It turned out that I didn’t even need to download the robbery 2 mod apk to make the game work on my phone. The iPhone version is really fun, even though it lacks a few features compared to the original. If you really want to get as much enjoyment out of the game as possible, it’s recommended that you download the robbery 2 mod apk and play the whole thing on your iPhone.

Game Money

Android gamers who don’t own iPhones can still enjoy this fantastic game. The most striking difference between the iPhone version and the Android version is that the in-game money is only used to buy chests. Although the iPhone version has a variety of exciting in-game items, it doesn’t have any robbers to fight against. You can find an assortment of funny robots in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble, however.

Traditional character

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble isn’t the full experience it could have been if it had featured the traditional character modeling, puzzle-solving, and adventure elements of the first game. The controls are awkward to use and often lead to failure. In fact, many of the challenges involve trial and error – which is fine, except that the trial and error method often gets old after a while.

Animation Featured

At the same time, the graphics and art design of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble look pretty poor when compared to the superb animation featured in the first game. The in-game item descriptions also suffer from poor animation and often require a lot of clicking in order to get the information that you require. Overall, these issues are minor enough that they won’t take away the fun that you’ll have trying out the new features of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble.


Regardless of all the issues that I’ve pointed out so far, the latest version of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble does offer a great deal of fun for anyone interested in the game. It’s not perfect, by any means, but it’s definitely a step up from its predecessors. Even if you aren’t a fan of the first game, you will definitely appreciate the changes that the latest version has made to the formula.

As long as you stay current with games such as an asteroid and mobile suicide, then you should have no trouble enjoying the latest version of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. I’m sure that you will, once you get your hands on this fun game.

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