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There are thirty-eight levels of thrill and excitement. If you like the classic video games made on the Spectrum, or you are into strategy games then this is a game that you will definitely enjoy. In this game of Rival Knights, there are so many things that your character needs to remember.

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Rival Knights

For instance, horses have very strong skills and they also have a good running speed. When your horse is wearing the heavy armor, your rival knights will have to be careful not to fall prey to your horse. In addition, the armor also gives your horse many extra skills and abilities. These abilities include being able to attack multiple opponents at a time and even being able to jump very high.

The battle itself is a good mix of action and strategy. Your aim is to defeat your opponent and become the ruler of the land. However, with the armor of your rival knights, they might prove too much for you to handle!

knight soldier

There are four distinct classes in Rival Knights: knight, soldier, general, and king. Each class has their own special ability which affects how you control the battles. You can make your decisions wisely with each character so that you can grow stronger over time. You start off with just a simple kingdom.

As you fight more enemies, you will be able to add more territory to your kingdom and gain more armor. As you win more battles, you will be able to add on more armor, weapons, and other useful items to your overall arsenal.

Rival Knights APK

If you are fond of playing an action game, especially one with good graphics, then Rival Knights APK may be just what you are looking for. This is actually a mod for the Facebook Android platform and works great. You can download the Rival Knights APK file right now from the Android Market and enjoy playing the amazing graphics and exciting gameplay.

Story of Rival Knights

The story of Rival Knights is about two unlikely friends who find themselves caught up in the middle of an ongoing war that has been plaguing the kingdom for quite some time. One of them, a knight, must battle his way through enemy territories to reach the main fighting arena where his rival knights are training.

Win The Battle

He must defeat his opponents and win the battle before time runs out. It’s up to you whether or not you hire a knight as your personal bodyguard. If you do, you will have to purchase their armor, weapons, and other equipment using earned gold or purchased credits that you earn throughout the course of the game.

The Fighting

The fighting itself is very exciting. You can tap into the full potential of your Samsung Android phones by downloading the mod for free from the Android Market. You will have the ability to purchase various armor, weapons, and other accessories to use against your rivals.

Different stages

You can also purchase the Rival Knights APK to give yourself the power you need to level up quickly as you progress through the different stages of the game. You will find that this type of free game is much more exciting than most other Rival Knights games that you can find for free on the Google Play Store.

Tower defense

If you are tired of the same old tower defense games that you play on mobile devices, then it’s about time that you look for something new and exciting. Remember, though, that you are going to be playing against a variety of enemies, including robotic Rival Knights that can shoot flaming arrows at you from any side of the screen.


Keep your distance and try to build up your defense base with towers and the like. When you do get inside a battle, don’t forget to tap in the Rival Knights mod apk to give yourself a high power boost and a chance to score a lot of points. Once you have built up enough of a defense base, make sure that you continue to defend it with towers until the time runs out!

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