Rise: Shooter Arena Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited money/ammo)

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Rise: Shooter Arena is a mod for Google Chromeos devices which allows you to play shooting games online. This game is not similar to other ones in the market as this one has several features which are very useful. Once you install this mod, here are some of the things which you can do:

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Installation instructions

Installation instructions: Before you install Rise: Shooter Arena, first you should uninstall Rise: Shooter Arena on your device. If you’ve already installed it, then first uninstall it. Then, download Rise: Shooter Arena mod APK on your device.

Download now

Navigate to Google Play Store and search for “Rise: Shooter Arena”. Look for the link which says “Download now”. Once you’re at the final step, just click on it to download it into your device. It will then prompt you for installation instructions. Follow them accordingly.

Shooter arena

Enjoy playing this new kind of shooter arena game. The mod provides the same level of realism and accuracy as the actual game play. The new storyline and improved game play experience make this mod one of the best online shooting experiences for gamers. There are various game modes and players can choose from any of the available heroes and enemies during the game play. The story line is created by the bestselling author, Kevin Eastwood.

Mod features

The mod features unlimited ammo, ability to switch between different guns, ability to level up and earn medals during game play. It also comes with two unique hero classes – The Private Military Contractor and The Special Forces operative. The Private Military Contractor has a shotgun that has a rapid firing sound and a high rate of fire. He is also equipped with smoke grenades and other gadgets to help him survive.

Unlimited ammo

The Special Forces operative is an armed combatant who can use a shotgun and an automatic pistol. The Special Forces operative’s weapon is more accurate than the Private Military Contractor’s and he can shoot from a distance. The Rise: Shooter Arena APK content rating app gives players a good overview of the game and it also provides in-depth info about the game. As users advance to higher levels in the game, they can acquire more advanced weapons and armor.

Shooter Arena APK

The Rise: Shooter Arena APK content rating app lets the user rate the content and the game that they played based on a 5 star system. The ratings start off with a gold star and then progress to silver and finally to bronze. There are four levels in the game and the player advances from one to the next.


The Rise: Shooter Arena gives players a good view of how the game play out, and the game offers a free tutorial so that the players can learn the basics of the gameplay without having to spend any money. The tutorial teaches the players about the different weapons, the features of the different weapons, the power ups, the score points, and the level layout.

Shooting enemies

The Rise: Shooter Arena was designed with two objectives in mind. First, the developers wanted the player to earn money by shooting enemies using the various weapons at hand. In doing so, the player would be rewarded with extra points that could be redeemed for rewards such as new guns or armor. Second, the game also wants the player to rack up kills so that their weapon, shields, and other gear would be earned more quickly and so that they would feel more confident in their abilities to shoot accurately.


The Rise: Shooter Arena has many of the typical shooting game mod features that any shooter would have. This mod app allows the player to customize the level layout, create their own weapons, change their shields, and customize their armor. In addition to those things, the mod features a time limit to determine when one is finished killing the enemy. The mod also has four difficulty settings which range from easy to difficult, and even has achievements and high scores for the player’s performance.

Multiplayer mode

The Rise: Shooter Arena does have an arcade style multiplayer mode but it is rather short and the controls do not work well on the mobile platform. Additionally, the game is not compatible with the Android Market application and does not feature screen sharing and Remote Play. The mod is available for download free from the Android Market website, but the version that is offered on the mobile platform does not include the score board or any other visualized gameplay elements.


Rise: Shooter Arena is not a standalone shooting game like other games in the genre. Instead, this is a “shooter” which combines strategic thinking with frantic shooting action. A player will quickly learn how to utilize the various weapons and armor upgrades to score more points. As the player progresses through the game they will learn how to level up, purchase new weapons, and engage in multiplayer battles with friends. If you enjoy games with lots of action, shooting, and adventure then this game may be just what you are looking for.

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